Why would I say that? Good reasons. The country is reopening slowly and people are going back to work. Specifically, I’m talking about your payday lenders. I don’t think they’ve been very busy lately. After all, you can’t borrow from a payday lender unless you have a job. The whole country is been out of work for over a month so consequently they’re not lending money, but they will be soon. In addition, many people have outstanding payday loans and have been receiving amnesty by default because there’s been nobody to collect the loans that are behind. Some people have the attitude, although the creditors are calling there’s not much they can really do at this point because I just don’t have the money to pay. Unfortunately, depending on where you live there’s plenty that they can do. People need to research this. All state laws are different when it comes to collecting unpaid debt.

What is protected in your state? Your home? In Florida your home is 100% protected against collectors and creditors. The only exception would be a mechanic’s lien. That happens what a contractor works on your home and doesn’t get paid. In rare instances the IRS could probably lay claim to it too but they usually don’t because they don’t because homeless people receive benefits. It’s not out of kindness you can bank on that. Your retirement accounts. They are safe. Unless there are extenuating circumstances that I am not aware of all retirement accounts are off-limits to your creditors. Federal benefits are protected too. Specifically Social Security. Now with all the protections we have there are certain things that we can’t protect. Here in Florida you have a maximum of $1,000 worth of personal property you can protect and that would include your automobile! Good news and bad news. The good news is most cars have a first lien holder. A second lien holder is not going to be able to take the car and or make you sell it. Arguably, and of course with a court order they can take your other possessions. It’s time to fix all this. You need to do your research.

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