Will face masks be forever?

Pretty much looks like it. I’ll tell you why, and forever is a subjective word. The Chinese and the Koreans were using face masks way before we were. Reason for that is pretty simple. We didn’t have them. We couldn’t supply our first responders let alone the entire population. Consequently people died that shouldn’t have. The administration didn’t do a great job with that no matter what they say. Face masks work. Even if they only worked 10% of the time, there would be a lot less people in their graves. Major failure.

Face masks will be around until there is a vaccine for this disease. That is an absolute, especially with people going back to work. Dr. Fauchi has said that a vaccine is one year to 18 months away. Other experts have called him optimistic. Understand, that that 12 to 18 month range is referring to availability for the general public. Meanwhile, “across the pond”, researchers at Oxford University predict they will have a vaccine ready for production by the Fall saying that they had a head start on this based on another virus they were working on. So we all wait with our fingers crossed and our masks on.

Soon you will see our masks becoming a fashion statement. When you leave the house in the morning you wear clothing. Nobody thinks twice about getting dressed before they leave. I know this because I don’t see people walking around naked! Our masks will become part of getting dressed. They already come in different colors. Pretty soon they’ll be designer masks. Sounds weird doesn’t it? Mask by Calvin Klein! You will see designs that we’re not seeing right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started selling shirts and masks together. I’m really serious. Of course this is my opinion but I’m usually right. I say that with a wry grin. At any rate this will go on until there is a vaccine or we achieve herd immunity. I hope we see a vaccine first. Herd immunity would mean at 70% of the population would need to have had this disease and we don’t want that. We’ve all seen enough death. No more! I’ve read there are well over a hundred universities and companies all around the world working on a vaccine. Human beings are resilient and smart. I believe that by next spring we’ll be very close to having something out there and we can put our masks away.

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