That’s the question that payday borrowers probably ask themselves daily. Payday loans have become commonplace in America with one in ten Americans actually taking out a payday loan every year. The attached map will show you the legal maximum interest rate charged state-by-state. These are rates that have actually been approved by your local legislators. The numbers are UNBELIEVABLE!

The payday loan business model was specifically designed to keep people in the loan cycle and constantly roll old loans over into newer ones. Think of it as being upside down on a car loan and rolling your existing balance into a newer auto, consequently perpetuating your original debt and raising your payment……..

What would you do if you had an extra thousand dollars a year for yourself and your family? The answer is a personal choice BUT it might just be the amount an honest payday loan consolidation company can save you by having your creditors ELIMINATE all of the accrued interest……WE CAN DO THAT!

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