This morning it was reported out of the White House that the president is putting together the second Coronavirus Task Force. These people will be entrusted with the gradual reopening of our economy over the next few months. People will be going back to work slowly. Antigen testing will start to be implemented which will determine the people who have had the virus and might not have known about it. These unwitting virus survivors along with actual COVID-19 patients will be among the first to go back to work under the assumption they are at least temporarily immune to catching the virus again. This is good news and it is part of the reason that the stock market is beginning to trend upward.

Of course with everything good there are bad things that can happen too. The administration has to be extremely careful so as not to create what they call a second wave. The last thing we want is for this thing to come back after precipitously decreasing.These actions will create a new set of problem for those who find themselves deeply in debt. Conventional banks will work out payment plans with the people who owe them money. Credit card debt will be deferred, and perhaps even forgiven with no credit penalties to the consumer. And then you have payday loan debt. I still find it amazing that lawmakers seem to look away when payday debt is mentioned to them.

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