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Time flies, whether you’re having fun or not!

It’s hard to believe, but I blogged an entry like this last year this time. My words are going to be a little bit different but still on the same track. Kind of sad but it’s the way of the world today. I think I titled my original post, take me out to the ballgame.

Pitchers and catchers are reporting to spring training in about a week or so. That’s normal. And that’s what they did last year too. I believe last season started on July 20th. Now that’s an early spring training. Of course as we all know now baseball was shut down during spring training and didn’t reopen till summertime. It proceeded to limp through a 60-game season, an expanded playoff system and a richly deserved world series win by the Dodgers. Aside from the cheating Houston Astros, the Dodgers have been the best team in baseball for The last 5 years. Most everything I wrote in that pre-season article ended up coming true. And so we come into another spring training in the middle of a pandemic with hope in sight and what does baseball do? they plan on screwing it up just like they did last year, although I blame the players this time. Yesterday, the owners proposed a 154 game season, as opposed to 162 games. Unlike last year the players receive full salaries as opposed to prorated salaries for 60 games or the 154 games they play this year. Last year cost the players a a ton of money. Hundreds of millions of dollars. The owners took that problem off the table when proposing a baseball season that starts in mid to late May. The players refuse to budge on their 162 games. I’m watching politics in Major League baseball now. Absolutely ridiculous. There’s language in the collective bargaining agreement that the players were uncomfortable with. They felt this language could negate their full salaries this year. The owners were willing to take it out. The owners were willing to give them anything they wanted. They removed any reference to the commissioner and or his power to circumvent any agreement that was made. The players said no. As most everybody who’s reading this knows the players are unionized and the MLB players association is powerful. They pretty much have the owners by the balls. Not the baseballs.

The PS to this story resides in the future. After this year’s world series the collective bargaining agreement between players and owners expires. Both sides have reason to not trust the other. I believe that the players are right and I believe that the owners under report their income so they can underpay the people who make them the money that they make. And by the way. I don’t think anybody’s worth $30 million a year. Or 20. Or 10. This is a sport. But, it’s all about supply and demand. I agree with the players. The players didn’t create the monster. I’m talking about the ridiculous salaries. The owners did by bidding against each other for the best players. There are loopholes in the free agent system that cause much distrust against ownership amongst the players. I think the two biggest ones are the owners colluding against free agents. Guys that should be getting big contracts after they’ve served their initial six years with one team. These guys have been basically ignored during the off-season when teams used to be signing players immediately and to big dollar contracts. instead now ownership only goes out and immediately signs the best of the best, the elite in the sport and spends $350 million on 10-year contracts. Yeah I know it’s crazy. In 2019, a guy like Dallas Keuchel who had won the Cy Young award back in 2015 and still was a dominating sinkerball pitcher couldn’t sell himself in the off-season at all. As a huge baseball fan and a fantasy player, I could think of 25 teams that could use him as a number three or four starter with my first thought being the Yankees. That was back in 19. He ended up signing a prorated minimum contract after the June 1st draft in 2019 which made his signing non-compensatorial. This meant the team that signed him did not have to give up a draft pick. He’s gone on to have two strong years after this signing. He was well compensated with a 4-year contract last year that could earn him 74 million dollars over this time if the White Sox opt in for the fourth year. It’s a guaranteed 55.5 million dollar contract for 3 years. Now it’s hard to feel sorry for a guy who’s guaranteed 55 million dollars but it goes back to supply and demand and my question would have to be why wasn’t he worth that in 2019 all throughout the off-season and spring training? The word collusion stands out in my head! In addition Craig Kimbrel ended up signing the same type contract with the Chicago Cubs in June of 2019 and proceeded to have the worst season of his career. The Cubs resigned him anyway and in 2020 he continued to stink up Wrigley Field. It’s a crap shoot with some of these guys in their 30s. In addition, and this part is for hardcore fans only the owners have found the way of circumventing players service time and stealing an extra year from them. in other words instead of locking them up for six years they can lock them up for a seventh by simply calling them up two weeks after spring training ends. That would be instead of having them break camp with the major league team. This infuriates The players association and rightly so. It’s against the spirit of the agreement. So, when it comes time  to opening up the baseball season this year the players don’t trust a word the owners say. The collective bargaining agreement expires after the world series this season and for the first time since 1994-95, I believe there’s going to be a work stoppage. I also believe it’s going to last a long time. 1994-95 damaged the game in a big way. It took 10 years for attendance to come back to where it was before. They canceled the 94 season halfway through and didn’t crown a world champion. The labor beef extended into the 1995 season as well. If this happens again there’s a chance it could destroy the sport.

There is rancor and anger on both sides. The owners cannot continue to say they lose money with their billion dollar TV contracts. It’s very simple. It’s very difficult to take something that back you’ve given to a union. So there’s going to be a baseball season this year. Last year they limped to the finish line and they barely made it. This season, traveling every three or four days and without a bubble looks like it could be greatly interrupted and consequently the best team won’t win. Who loses? We the fans. Last year baseball had a replacement team playing games at their training sites so when they would lose two or three players to covid they had backups. In other words they weren’t putting their best product on the field. I think it sucks. A lot of other fans will think so too.

The owners position is that come May the virus will be more under control than it will be on the 26th or 27th of March when they plan on starting the season this year. They’re right. So what we have here is the beginning of cluster f*** season number two. We shall see if my words are prophetic again.

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Who are we? Federated Financial, who are we? How and why did we get here, and how did we manage to stay?

Interesting questions. But the answers might surprise you. Money matters, helping people and dealing with creditors was something that I was always interested in. After my divorce I considered myself the king of debt! Most men and women reading this can probably relate. I felt lost, helpless and useless. I also felt like a bad person owing so many people so much money. I didn’t make enough money to pay all my bills. That was back in 1984. We had no internet to look up the things we can find today. Credit counseling consolidate debt bill consolidation payday loan consolidation. Although I don’t remember payday loans back then in the 80s I’m sure they were out there. I didn’t care where I got the money from as long as I got it. I was deep in debt and it sucked. I had a great business idea and a way to make money in my head and I borrowed some money from my father to take a shot. I was fairly successful. I did very well in the business that I chose and made enough money to pay my bills, to pay my creditors and not to have my creditors call me specifically because I had no creditors anymore. So between 1984 and 1994 I became debt-free. I was in the video business and owned video stores. We know how that worked out. How do you spell Blockbuster! All of a sudden the money dried up. Bills came in and there was no way to pay them. Who could keep up with a company that big? They were a money generating machine.  All they did was figure out new and really innovative ways to create cash for their burgeoning business. Their stores basically became little cash generating movie theaters except you took the movies back to your house. That’s the beginning . Companies like these pushed the little guys out and caused them to go bankrupt. Me included. that was the beginning though, the beginning of let’s watch our movies at home, save a lot of money and not pay all that ridiculous amount of money for refreshments. It was the start of what we do today which is stream at home. Yes we all stream at home now and we don’t even buy something that’s tangible. We are paying for something that we can’t see except if we turn the television on. It’s interesting. I was out of work, and though I wasn’t broke, I knew I would be in about a year. I needed to have an income . A steady income. I had one for 10 years. Love don’t pay the bills! I did a lot of soul searching and thinking about how I could make money. I also knew that being in the video business and having four stores I had created lots of good feelings and joy for people. That made me feel good. I decided that I wanted to create something that saved people money. Something that kept people out of debt. Something that did not allow people to get to deeply into debt. I decided all that based on my own experiences of divorce and debt that I mentioned before. I didn’t know how to go about it. I didn’t know what I could create that would put me in a position where I could actually help people eliminate their debt and eventually get out of debt. A lot of ideas are great but they require creativity and lots of thought. I knew there was a need. If there’s a need there has to be a product created to meet the need. In this case a product for people to get out of debt and stay out of debt hopefully for the rest of their lives. Two years pass and I realized that I was running out of money. I had enough money to pay my bills and lay out one lump sum to create a business. I was driving down in fort Lauderdale one day and saw a sign on a billboard. GET OUT OF DEBT RIGHT NOW! There was an 800 number right underneath. I wanted to know how they got people out of debt right now. This is what happened next.


As soon as I got home, no cell phones back then at least not one I could afford, I called that company. They really did get people out of debt. They were a nonprofit credit counseling agency. Interestingly my first thought was, what the hell is a nonprofit credit counseling agency? What is credit counseling? What is a 501c3? How did they help people get out of debt, by counseling them? Then I started to think is this like therapy? So I went down to the library, remember those people? I went down to the library and did some research and then I understood. They were the gold standard at that time. Not for profit credit counseling agencies were the gold standard for getting people out of debt and that was not a good thing. I didn’t know that it wasn’t a good thing when I was learning about their business but I quickly realized that they operated under rules and regulations that were dictated by the government and consequently couldn’t hire quality staff to get the job done. So now, we have a need and we have a product. What I needed was the ability to make a deal with the creditors. We were still at the dawn of the internet and snail mail was King. I spent 6 months calling and writing to Banks and asking them what their criteria was to work with me and after a certain amount of time I knew what had to be done. My problem was being in debt. I hadn’t worked in a while . I knew this would work. I was so confident that I took a second mortgage out on my home. I knew one thing . I knew for this to work for the consumer I had to have the absolute most qualified people working with me and teaching me. I wanted attorneys. I wanted attorneys with financial backgrounds who had the ability and the gumption to stand up for their clients. I found a few and in January 1998 I Incorporated FederatedFinancial.COM Services Inc.

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Pardon me!

Wouldn’t it be nice? I hereby pardon myself for every bad thing that I’ve ever done in my life. That’s one large laundry list! I hereby forgive myself. I wouldn’t have done any of that stuff if I knew I was going to get caught! So I command you to forgive me for every crummy that I’ve done, and hereby declare I will not allow it to ever bite me in the butt. That’s because I’ve pardoned me and anybody that I’ve ever hurt can’t say anything to me about it. While I’m at it I want to pardon my kids. They are really did nothing wrong in their lives. Normal kid stuff. Broken window. Lighting a mailbox on fire. Some nasty egg-throwing instead of trick-or-treating on Halloween. They have been pardoned. This monarch has forgiven them and has thrown the umbrella of protection around them. And while I’m at it I think I’m going to pardon my attorney too. Even though he’s a lying scumbag who’s been involved with foreign powers who would like to see us just go away I forgive you buddy, and because I forgive you I hereby demand that everybody and every institution in this country forgive you too. Even though everyone knows you’re a conniving kickback taking 💰 the son of a B, you have been deemed untouchable by the king! Wouldn’t it be nice to have that kind of power? Enough said!

And now for the reason that you’re here. Federated Financial is one of the oldest companies in its field. We are in our 24th year of business and are proudly rated A-Plus by the BBB. We earned our stripes. We have helped hundreds of thousands throughout the years. We are able to take your payday loans and reduce their interest rates from six or seven hundred percent APR all the way down to zero. This can and will save you a lot of money. If you’re deep down in the darkness of payday debt, take a moment and fill out our form or simply give us a call during business hours and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible. A 24-year-old company provides you with assurance and comfort that we can get the job done and get it done right.