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19 Feb 2020
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The A B C’s of Budgeting

The A B C’s of Budgeting – (Always Be Counting) & (Amazing Bogo’s r Cool)

As we start this next foray into how to save money I thought we should start at the supermarket. The goal here is to ameliorate your debt. Here in Florida we have Publix supermarkets but I assume this is pretty much standard operating procedure all over the country. I’m talking about buy one get one free. I came out of the supermarket yesterday and looked at the receipt and it told me I saved $43 and change. It was just one of those days. Everything I came to buy was two for one. I don’t know why. That part is certainly a once-a-year occurrence. Kind of like playing a slot machine and winning. I do know that when they have two for ones and your family enjoys what day are literally giving away, try and buy four for two. Seriously, take advantage of a really good deal. I do. Now yesterday was the exception. Everyday is not your personal Bogo day but with a little bit of creative shopping you could make it so. What I mean is this. Can anybody taste the difference between Pepperidge farm and Arnold’s bread? Especially when it wraps up a peanut butter and jelly, or a great turkey and cheese sandwich? I believe the answer is no. Does it really matter if Zephyrhills, or Eternal Springs water is the BO-GO of the week? Not if you’re on a budget and you’re always counting what you spend in the grocery store. The difference between premium products is usually very slight. I’m a diet Pepsi guy and I swear I can tell the difference between diet Pepsi and diet Coke. Who cares? I’d rather have two for the price of one. Bought some Chobani yogurt yesterday. They come in four packs. I bought four, four packs for the price off two. I think you see where I’m going with this. is Janis Joplin sang years ago in a really great old song “Get it While you Can”!

Also remember to “always be counting”. If you have a budget for groceries stick to it. You can do the math in your head as you walk the aisles. Rounding off numbers even within $10 is just fine. Always save your money. Saving money is imperative. If you’re on this site I’m sure you’re well aware of that. The key to getting out of debt and staying out of debt is knowing what you’re spending and where you’re spending it. Unfortunately, many people turn to Payday loans. They’re a deadly trap. If you find yourself in that position, payday loan debt consolidation is the answer. We are one of the oldest and most respected payday loan consolidation companies in the industry. We’ve been consolidating these loans for the last 23 years and we are highly rated at A+ by the BBB. Read our site. Watch our videos. You will be helped just by doing that. Our site is extremely informative and all of the information is up to the minute new. If you feel that you’re curious about payday loan debt consolidation and still not sure of exactly what it is after reading our site please call us or simply fill out the form on one of our pages to speak with an accredited debt counselor. No pressure. We can help you 99% of the time. We want it to work for you. We care.

14 Feb 2020
stay out of payday loan debt

How to use a budget and stay out of payday loan debt!

How to use a budget and stay out of payday loan debt. When I was young my father would tell me “live within your means”. I never really understood that concept because money always burned a hole in my pockets. I had no idea how and or why I should save money and I had no conception of what it cost to live each month and what the total was… or what it could be each year. Let me explain below…

When I would ask my friends how do you make a budget they would tell me write down all your bills and write down all your income and and subtract your bills from your income. If you had something left over you were doing okay and if you didn’t have any leftover you’d need to tighten up. I tried to do that but I found that at the end of the month, even if I adhered completely to my budget I was still in the red… Then I had an idea I still use today. Your income may be a static number but monthly debt is fluid.

There are bills, there are emergencies. The cost of food always varies. The electric bill goes up and down and I could go on. This is what you need to do to figure out a monthly budget. Print out the statement from the last 12 months of your banking. Go over it item-by-item. Every bill that you paid whether it be recurring or a one-time bill needs to be written down. Do that for one full years time. Then, add up all the numbers and subtract them from your income. That’s a true budget. You’ll see all your bills. Doctor’s bills, veterinarian bills. Cost of shopping. Cost of water. Pet insurance if you have any. All of a sudden you see where the money has been going. Include the cost of entertainment because going to the movies and having some sushi afterwards is something I would call semi reoccurring debt. With the debit cards that we use today and the checks that we write, your actual statements are the best barometer of what it costs you to live. If you are in the black, good for you!

Start saving money for an emergency fund. Nobody knows when an emergency can happen. If you are the red start cutting back on whatever you need to cut back on. In another blog post there’s an article written about stupid debt. Read it. We all can relate. Here’s the thing. There is a quick fix for these monthly shortages and many people take them. They’re called payday loans. Most of our clients have them. They are ridiculously high interest advance loans that cost an arm and a leg to pay back at interest rates that could top off at 700%. At that point in time many of the people we work with go into a payday loan consolidation program. You don’t want to be the person that takes out that 700% short term loan. That short-term loan will always become long-term. There are very few people that can’t afford that kind of interest on top of their monthly bills.if you ever find yourself in that situation you will need a payday loan debt consolidation to pull your life back together.

Our company has been in business 23 years. In most cases if you make that mistake our consolidation program can get you out of debt in a shorter period of time. Our years of experience working with your creditors works in your favor. In most cases your creditors will reduce your interest rates for us down to 0%. Get your budget in order and don’t make the mistake of getting into Payday loan debt. If you do give us a call. We can help.