High-interest Payday Loans can become a vicious cycle before you’ve realized it’s happened. They can cripple your finances and your future. We can help you reduce your interest rates HUNDREDS OF PERCENTAGE POINTS, and perhaps even get you out of debt in less than a year!

Here are some statistics that all payday borrowers need to know!!

Only 14% of all borrowers will repay their loan by their next payday. When this happens many lenders will be “kind enough” to let you just pay the fees and roll your loan over for another two weeks. THEY ARE NOT DOING YOU ANY FAVORS!! This practice is referred to as “churning”

The average payday loan “churns” 8 times in five months. This causes extra fees and obviously the “high interest” is still accumulating. The circle has begun. Many people take out additional Payday Loans to help pay off the original Payday Loans and now these predatory lenders have caught someone else in the debt trap.

All of the above information is courtesy of a study done by Pew Charitable Trusts. www.pewtrusts.org

There is a solution to all this! Please remember that you’re not alone. Eighty-six percent of borrowers are in a similar situation as you are. Payday lenders are keeping a secret. Most of the payday lenders operating in this country have PRE ARRANGED agreements with our organization. This is something they don’t want you to know…….and there is a good reason for that. In most cases, these loan companies will take your payments from our company at a zero interest rate. If not zero, the rate with be drastically reduced allowing you to get out of debt in months instead of years. This is an absolute fact. We have been in business for 22 years and we are exceptionally good at what we do. You make your monthly loan payments to us instead of the creditor, and we forward them your payment. It is really that simple. This is how you receive an affordable rate and it is your solution to the cycle.

I want to make make a couple of things clear!

Yes, the payday lenders can sue you….Once you start on your payment program they almost definitely won’t Contrary to their threats, they cannot “put you in Jail” Pay no attention to that nonsense but DO start your journey to a better life by making the decision to GET OUT OF DEBT TODAY!!!