And they say the Golden age of television was in the 1950s. I don’t think so. We have too much great TV today….. If you need to be entertained here’s my list of just a few of my favorite binge-worthy shows.

Bosch, season 6 on Amazon prime. Amazon’s longest running series, Bosch premiered just last Friday, the 17th on Amazon. If you like intelligent, realistic, who done it and why cop shows, Bosch is your ticket. Titus Welliver is Harry Bosch. Seasons 1 through 5 are available to stream before you watch season 6. I waited 365 days for season 6 to drop and now I have to wait another 363 days for the final season of the series.. Season 7. 10 episodes in 2 days.. Easy Peasy when it’s just that good!

Too Hot to Handle. Netflix, season 1, dropped on Friday the 17th. This show kind of validates the theory that it’s really hard to look away from a train wreck. A total train wreck, and absolute, complete escapist entertainment. Men and women alike, cannot look away from the people on that television screen. They found the 14 best looking people in the world. Interesting premise. They start with the 10 best looking singles on the planet. They set them up at this amazing Mexican resort telling them they’re going to do a reality show. And the first 24 hours seem like just that. A reality show. What these beautiful people don’t know is that hour 25 starts the complete and absolute celibacy rule. The prize pool is $100,000 and every kiss between the contestants costs 3 Grand. Going all the way costs a cool $15,000. That hundred grand evaporates quickly. The show is hilarious. Filled with drama, sneakiness and all the things that reality show watchers really enjoy. Most critics rate it C-, but for sheer brain-dead entertainment, and the ability to look at people who only wear bathing suits for 3 weeks, it’s great fun and definitely worth a watch.BTW, these really are the best looking people I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t know where they find them.

Here’s a relatively new and fun Netflix reality show, Love is Blind. Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not a reality show freak and dating shows usually aren’t my thing. It’s just that these two Netflix shows are an absolute hot mess and fun to watch. This show centers around a bunch of singles who are almost as good-looking as the ones on Too Hot to Handle. The premise here is that they don’t see each other for a specific amount of time. They “date”in what they call dating pods. Two adjacent rooms with a door in between. They can hear each other and they can talk to each other all night and all day if they’d like, but they cannot see each other until they decide whether or not they want to get married. So the premise of this show is, are looks everything? The man has to propose to the woman and she must accept before they actually meet. Then they plan their wedding and actually have their wedding on TV. This all happens in eight episodes. One spoiler. There is actually a runaway Bride on the wedding show. This is can’t miss diversion from the pain we’ve all been living in. From here on, I’ve got to take the intelligence quotient up a bit.

After Life, a very dark and very funny black comedy starring Ricky Gervais premiered season 1 last year to big audiences and big reviews. Ricky is back next Friday April 24th on Netflix. Season 2. It’s a show about a bitter man who loses his wife to cancer. He channels his grief into anger and decides to get even with the world with that attitude. Problem is that everybody he meets tries to turn him into a better person. Great premise, great show and a giant scene-stealing, squirm inducing performance by Ricky Gervais. I call this one a must see. It was created by, directed by, and of course written by Ricky himself. Nuff said bout that.

Back to Amazon for a little bit. If you’re bored, and want to see more fake blood that it takes to fill a thousand bottles of Heinz ketchup, Rambo Last Blood is for you. John Rambo does it one more time and nobody does it like he does. An hour and a half of fun shoot-’em-up. Rambo goes to Mexico to rescue his, kind of adopted niece from some nasty guys who kidnap lovely women, shoot them up with drugs and turn them into prostitutes. John has gotten a bit older now so he only fares well with the odds 50 to one against him. Complete, absolute, and utter diversion. We don’t need Shakespeare these days. We want to have fun and this one is a fun shoot em up. It’ll probably win a razzie, but I give it five stars*****

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Amazon prime. Season 3 dropped in December. I love this show. From a purely aesthetic point of view, the backdrops, the cities, the beautiful clothing and gorgeous cinematography really make you feel like you’re watching something that was made in the 50s.This show follows Midge Maisel and her manager Susie, as Midge climbs the mountain of success over other female comedians back in the late 50s and early 60s when they were few and far between. Great show, with Rachel Brosnahan as Midge stealing the show every time she gets up on stage to do a routine. You will laugh out loud! This one is a must-see.

Homeland, Showtime. I had to stick this one in at the end. Wonderful show. This season is its Grand finale. It’s streams weekly on Sunday nights. This is the last season. Boy, the seven years went quickly.I really could do with at least another year or two but in this final year they pull out all the stops sending Carrie back to Kabul where the show started 7 years ago. It pulls no punches and it delivers. If you’re lucky enough to never have caught it, you have the pleasure of binging seven seasons times 12. That should keep you busy for a while. There are no razzies for this one and they don’t give razzies for television shows anyway. The show is great and Claire Danes really is Carrie Mathison. She makes you believe.

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