I agree with President Trump! Keep Americans out of debt! Keep them working!

Hopefully you’re here and reading again. It seems like everyday our country takes another punch and we’ve bounced back every time. Today we found out the exact unemployment rate. It was reported that 4%. Many news outlets including the New York Times believes it’s well over 10%. The reason for this report doesn’t include the last two weeks of March. The last two weeks of March coincide with the president shutting down the country. Our unemployment rate is growing more quickly and any other time in our history since the great depression almost 100 years ago. Those are scary numbers for the economy and of course it explains your problem, my problem and everyone else’s problem here in America.

When publicly traded companies like 3M, who employ close to 100,000 people engage in creating manufacturing plants outside the country just to save money the President has to step in and say no more! Bring these companies back to America. If they won’t come back, we need to create new companies that manufacture the same products they do right here in the USA. If 3M wants to stay married to China let’s REPLACE THEM!! Joblessness equals no income. With all the covid stimulus packages that the government is creating hopefully money will be reaching the hands of the public sooner than later. Right now people are just plain broke and struggling to put food on the table and keep the lights on. All this is completely out of our control and this is the reason that’s so many Americans are so deeply in debt today.

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