I’ve written about this before and given that coronavirus is all we hear about all day long in every type of media, it’s probably time we discuss how to prepare for it intelligently and with forethought.

I say intelligently and with forethought because panic mode usually gets us nowhere but in trouble. The most important thing to do is to make sure we have the staples…  The things we need to wait this thing out and be safe while we’re doing it. Monthly bills are monthly bills but there could come a time and it probably would be a short time when we might not be able to leave our homes. Experts have suggested that we should have enough food to last us and our families for a month. I don’t know if that’s too long but it’s better to be a tiny bit over-prepared then way underprepared.This is a time to be prudent. Many people are going to be short of cash because they’re not working and we should be concentrating on the essentials. Thank goodness this is not a weather event so thinking about a loss of power it not an issue. If it comes in a can, or if it’s vacuum packed or if it’s frozen it’s good. What I mean by that is to concentrate on non-perishables. Fruits and vegetables that are fresh are always the best but we’ve got to make the best of the worst time.

The are things that we can’t do. I have a list. The first thing on my list is no bottled water. It’s expensive and we’ll be spending money on a month’s worth of groceries and probably using a charge card or a payday loan. There’s nothing wrong with tap water. We’ve been drinking it for years. We bathe in it we shower in it and we make our coffee with it. I’m  not paying $2 for a bottle of water. Too much money and eventually we get the bill. The next thing thing  that isn’t essential are snacks. I’ve written about this before but it’s even more applicable in this instance. If snacks are important buy cereal. I’m serious. A healthy cereal. Not fruit loops. Whole grains that are filled with fiber which will make you feel full. Soft drinks are a waste of money. I would buy a couple of cases of Gatorade just in case one of the members of my family got sick and that would be that.  Pharmaceuticals that are over the counter. I’m talking about Robitussin, Tylenol for fever and decongestants for coughs. Make sure you have a thermometer in your house.

That’s essential. Hand sanitizers are not essential. Having three or four bottles in the house is plenty. The experts tell us that soap and water is way more effective than the sanitizers. It’s also a lot less expensive. In addition the use of antibacterial soap for this virus is a myth. Plain old everyday soap breaks down the virus and essentially kills it. There’s no need to spend money on products with fancy names. Disinfectants are important. Clorox, Lysol. Before you buy any disinfectant go to the CDC site and make sure the product you’re about to buy is approved to kill the coronavirus. Anything that’s not necessary does not need to be bought. The debt you ring up today has got to be paid tomorrow. If payday loans are your choice of extra cash through circumstance, you’re on the right website. Federated Financial’s payday loan debt consolidation program has been helping people for 23 years all over the United States. When we take payday loans we know we’re paying somewhere between 100% and 700% annually. Those pay back payments add up real quickly so let’s spend the money that we’re going to pay back on things that are important. If you get in too deep with  payday loan debt, our a+ rating combined with our long-term financial relations with your creditors.will get you out of debt efficiently by lowering your interest rate to 0% in most cases. Payday loan debt consolidation works. This crisis will be over and at that point in time all goes back to normal.

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