This is going to be an article which will make me look like I’m Scrooge. That’s not so. I don’t hate Christmas and I certainly respect what it stands for. I hate all of ’em!!!!!! I’m WORSE then Scrooge!!!All of the holidays that were created by the media and corporate greed to put the American Consumer behind the eight-ball so to speak and keep them in debt. We all know the debt creates desperation and that desperation creates borrowing. Holding that thought, borrowing or using your credit card on Valentine’s day can put you in a situation where you need a quick fix. Your credit card bills are due and the money is not there. Consequently, you take a payday loan.. and then the fun begins. For the Payday Loan company, not you. We’ll talk about how to fix that in a minute. Payday loan consolidation always does the trick or at least in 99% of the cases it does.

Now back to my holidays. I just wonder how much your Valentine’s day dinner and your Valentine’s day present to your sweetheart actually cost? Before we figure that out though let’s go back to the last big one. Christmas! As I recall Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ. When I was young and growing up I attended religious school. nowhere in the curriculum was there a mention of spending thousands of dollars on gifts for your loved ones. Why do we still do that? After all if we are going to give gifts on Christmas perhaps we should give those gifts as donations to the church. After all we’re not celebrating the birthday of every person in our families we’re celebrating the birth of Christ. I don’t get it. I don’t understand why every American or just about every American goes out around Christmas time and buys thousands of dollars worth of items they cannot afford. I do understand though I really do. This is a bunch of garbage thats perpetrated upon us by the newspapers, television and the mass media, fueled by major corporations and extreme corporate greed. And we can continue to run through these days. The Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah. To me, the spirit of the holidays been lost… As I recall that holiday is all about the oil for the lamps in the temple lasting 8 days and not just one. Is there a spot I’m missing in the old testament where God says give the children gifts? This has to sound pretty funny to you right now, does it? Come on tell the truth, you’re laughing now! Then we have my two favorites. Mother’s day and Father’s day. We can’t buy our mom’s or dad’s a present on one of those two days and say to ourselves okay, this makes up for me being really nasty to you all year. That’s not what life is all about. Honor thy mother and thy father! One the ten commandments, and secularly the way we’re all supposed to live our lives. Yet these days that were created by the government have been bastardized by major corporations and turned into gift-giving days. Mother’s day was signed into effect on June 19th 1910 by President Woodrow Wilson and 58 years later the day that honors fathers became a nationwide holiday in the United States. My parents have been gone for years now but I still celebrate mothers day and Father’s day, everyday. they are always in my thoughts and when they were with us I always treated them with love and respect.

Now to the reality…. If you have run up debt during these holidays you might need help. If you do we are here to help you. If you’ve run up credit card debt and you can’t afford to make the payments call the number at the top of the homepage on this site. There are certified counselors on staff everyday that are more than happy to help get out of debt. In addition, if you’ve used the payday loan solution to cure this problem you need help quickly. In most states payday loan interest can run you anywhere between two hundred and 700% annually. We are an old respected payday loan debt consolidation company. We can work with your creditors and in most cases have them reduce your rate to 0%. In addition, we can get you a lower payment because if you’re paying 0% interest you can simply just pay off the principal. Payday loan debt consolidation works. So does credit card consolidation. Use them if you need them. We are glad to help. Remember this article. This could be part of a primer called managing money 101.