I’m not a doctor. I’m not a statistician. I’m not a left or right wing zealot filling the airwaves with a bunch of political propaganda. I can’t watch neither Fox News nor CNN anymore. Too much partisanship. Makes me want to throw up. Even as the curve approaches and the cases of coronavirus will slowly start to go down, this country is still in crisis. The economy is in the toilet. Forget about the markets. People that are buying now are buying on a hope. There’s plenty of volatility ahead. Our president wants to slowly reopen the country. I agree with him, as long as it’s done intelligently, and hand-in-hand with the medical community.

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President Trump needs to allow plenty of medical input before he makes his final decisions. If this were to fade and come back the results would be both medically and financially catastrophic, and bordering on financial Armageddon.This has affected every single one of us financially, in every single way. No one has been spared. This virus knows nothing about location, race religion or socioeconomic status. As many acts of nature do, it’s hit already financially challenged communities the hardest. People will be going back to work slowly and hopefully the government will heavily rely on the new antigen tests to find the best candidates to head back into the workplace. Life as we know It will not be the same for the foreseeable future. Most of the time I like to stick to writing and speaking about things that I enjoy and that I fully understand. There will be no football season this year, nor will Baseball teams play. Hockey and Basketball will not finish their seasons. You’ve not heard that on the news but I am old enough and I’ve seen enough in my life and digested enough of the information that’s floating around to come to those conclusions and I’m going to tell you why. Let’s start with football. Today is April 10th. Football teams don’t report to training camp for another 3 months.

How do I make that statement today?

By the grace of the universe, and by listening to the wisdom of these fantastic doctors who are pulling the reigns in on our president, I have come to the following conclusions. Some of the hot spots in our country have hit the curve. That simply means that the new cases reported are flattening out and will eventually start moving down, and they’ll do that pretty soon. You can see it starting in New York. Hopefully by the time July comes around this virus will be less prevalent in most areas. So I pose this question: in an 80,000 seat football stadium what if 10 people are still carriers? They pass the disease on to 20 people, who will pass the disease on to 40 people, who will then pass it on to 80. And so on. That’s how it started originally. Within two weeks cases start popping up and they continue to pop up and increase over a wide swath of America. We’re back to square one or if we’re smart which we probably will be we would just chop it off at the knees. We cancel our sports season in this case football, and we wait till next year. It’s just not feasible to have that many people in a stadium with this thing still floating around. The players will get sick. Once again, it only takes one. There’s an unbelievable amount of close contact in a football game.

Protection, Prevention of Coronavirus Covid-19

Back to the fans.

Social distancing won’t work in a football stadium. Even if you leave four seats in between each person there is too much close contact at concession stands, bathrooms, and in other areas to keep it safe. The NFL will take Baseball’s route and just not start the season. They don’t want to end up like the NHL and the NBA with all that unfinished business. I mentioned Baseball because there has been some crazy talk about having the whole schedule played in Arizona. The Phoenix area is home to quite a few MLB spring training sites. Along with the Diamondbacks stadium and college stadiums MLB was proposing to play the games in empty stadiums with no fans at all. Interesting concept but they’re just too many people in the locker rooms and you can only lockdown grown men for so long before they want to go out even to get a Big Mac. these guys will miss their families cuz there are no home games. You have 30 baseball teams with 26 players on each roster and management staff. That’s almost 800 players before counting staff. There is no way to ensure safety with quarantine because it only takes one. Zach Britton, the great Yankee sinker baller said, and I paraphrase “there’s so many people that touch the ball. The umpire hands it to the catcher, the catcher throws to the third baseman, and the infielders toss it around before it gets to me. They need to make the game safe. I don’t want to take this home to my family” Zach was prescient in his thought. He said this before MLB canceled spring training and the beginning of their regular season schedule. The financial cost of losing these four major sports is probably incalculable right now. For the sake of this post, let’s say that it totally supersedes any one of the sports that it affects. it goes way beyond the sports all the way down to the guys that sweep the stairs in the stadiums.

And so it goes.

We will have no sports this year. Things will change and they will change just as soon as we all can be inoculated to protect us from the virus. If they could rush something through testing, we’re still looking at about a year from now minimum. This is just the way it is today. There’s nothing anybody can do about it but wait, and be careful. We need to follow the government’s stay-at-home recommendations because the statistics show that they are working. And, we need to wait this out. How does this affect you the consumer? How does this affect me who is most definitely a consumer also. Has anybody ever stopped and thought about how much it costs to go and watch any of the four major sports? And take your family with you. What does it cost a family of four to go to a football game? If there’s somebody reading this out there who’s feeling ambitious Google it! It ain’t cheap. There’s a silver lining here though. For those who can’t afford to take their families to these type of events right now there is a pretty cool alternative. Use a round number. Let’s say it takes $125 to take a family of four to a sporting event. That could dig into your budget whether you’re working or not. It’s too much money to spend especially in times like these, and all the major sports leagues are closed anyway.

Here’s my advice!

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How can you fix that?

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