Questions and answers to help you through your payday loan consolidation!

Why did you choose us when searching for companies to consolidate my payday loans? The answer is pretty simple. You looked over this site and just by reading it you could tell that we knew what we were talking about and we had the credibility of being a 23 year old company with an A+ rating with the BBB. Most companies that consolidate payday loans can’t brag about that because they don’t have either one. That would be longevity or credibility. We receive questions every day and the one we have been receiving a lot lately is this one: People on our program as well as people who are considering it have asked us what do I do? The payday lender is taking payments out of my account without a judgement against me… The answer to this situation is pretty clear. First off the country of reopening and creditors are back in the office. When you initially took out the loan, you signed a lot of paperwork. In addition you gave your lender all your banking information as well as a check. In the paperwork you signed you gave your bank permission to take payments from your checking account. So yes they’re taking money from your account without a judgment and they can. What’s the solution? I’m going to preface my answer by telling you that I am not an attorney and I am not giving you any legal advice at all, but just an answer that’s based on extensive experience with this situation. Go into your bank and close that checking account today. Yep, that’s the only way to stop them. The other way would be not to have enough money in there for them to draft but that would cost you fees as well as the ability to open up another checking account if this one has outstanding fees.

If you’re on our program this is the advice l I would give you. BUT, if you are on our program this wouldn’t be happening. When searching for a payday loan consolidation companies you need to look for a company that knows what they’re doing. This is probably the first thing our certified counselor would have told you to do. Once you make your first dispersible payment through us the creditors will stop all of their efforts to collect their money and take payments through our company at what is usually a 0 interest rate. This is opposed to the up to 700% annual rate you’re paying now. If you are not on our program this might be a good time to hop on our payday loan consolidation program and get out of debt. I can say to you that my suggestion wouldn’t change regardless of whether you come with us or not. You need to close your checking account now! In no way should this be construed as legal advice. We want to be the company that does this work for you and earns your trust. We are one of the oldest payday loan consolidation companies in this country and our track record is stellar. We do what we say and we treat our clients like family. We care.