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30 Apr 2020
payday loan consolidation florida

Consolidate payday loans!

Do you need to Consolidate payday loans? We receive questions every day. Here are a few!

Can I consolidate all my payday loans?

In most cases the answer is yes. You can consolidate all of your payday loans. Most payday lenders will work with us and reduce your interest rates down to 0%. This will put you in a position where you can consolidate all your payday loans into one monthly payment. That payment should be considerably lower than the payment you are making right now.

Will payday loan consolidation hurt my credit?

Interesting question because  your payday loan consolidation payments won’t boost your credit but making those payments can help you not hurt your credit anymore. Payday loan lenders customarily don’t report your loans to the credit bureaus but if you default on your payments they will. That’s why it’s extremely helpful to make your payday loan consolidation payments to a reputable payday loan consolidation company.

What happens if you can’t repay a payday loan?

Your payday lender can sue you, take you to court and if they win a judgment against you, dependent upon where you live they can garnish your salary and even take your property. Payday loan consolidation is the answer. What payday loan consolidation companies do is turn all your payday loans into one monthly payment and in most cases have your interest rates reduced down to 0%. This will get you out of debt in the shortest amount of time possible. You will also get out of debt for the least amount of money, usually at 0%. These are the two most important aspects of payday loan consolidation

29 Apr 2020
best debt consolidation company

Let’s talk about payday loan consolidation companies!

We receive questions through emails and telephones daily. I’m going to go over a few of them today.

*Who is the best payday loan consolidation company?

The answer is pretty obvious. Federated Financial is the best payday loan consolidation company. You might ask why? 23 years of experience, and an A+ rating with the BBB virtually assures creditor compliance with our request to help you consolidate your payday loans.

*Do payday loan consolidation companies work?

Of course they do. I know that they work because Federated Financial has been here for many many years and helped hundreds of thousands of people consolidate their payday loans. Creditors respect longevity in a payday loan consolidation company. In most cases they would be willing to reduce your interest rates down to 0% lowering your monthly payment and getting you out of payday loan debt in a quicker amount of time.

*Can I get a loan to pay off my payday loans?

People need a good score to qualify for a personal loan that’s not collateralized. This is why people use payday loan companies. It’s also why people come to us to consolidate their payday loans. Payday loan consolidation is a viable option to taking out a loan. Why take out one loan to pay off another? payday loan consolidation companies help you get out of debt by having your creditors lower your interest rates dad to 0% in most cases. Another loan will cost you interest!

28 Apr 2020
payday loan consolidation

Businesses to start reopening! What does that really mean?

As I type this, Governor’s around the country are loosening the restrictions that were put on businesses, specifically to keep people apart. These shelter at home mandates worked well as curves are flattened and reversing their course. So what happens to these businesses. Here’s my take on this. If you build it, will they come? I say not yet. I believe that government officials didn’t consider how the general public felt about sitting in a restaurant with this virus still floating around. People are still getting sick, going to the hospital and in some cases dying.

It’s hard to believe that people would be feel comfortable sitting in a restaurant with pizza and beer, yet. There’s just too much going on. Governor Kemp, the genius who governs Georgia is finding that out right now. I wonder how open bowling alleys are faring? I mean really? Open up a bowling alley. How about those massage parlors? Hey Governor Kemp! Is there a reason you chose massage parlors? Do you like them? And while I’m asking questions how do you like your endings? I’m guessing Happy endings always are always the best way to end the story! I’m really laughing as I write this but in no way shape or form is there a reason to open these type businesses right now. By their very nature bowling alleys encourage lack of social distancing. Who wants somebody, even masked somebody, leaning forward in your face and cutting your hair? I don’t. If it gets a little longer I’ll just tie it back. It sure beats getting the coronavirus. Legitimate massage is intimate. You’re up close with your therapist. One cough, one sneeze, or in Governor Kemp’s case one shot and it’s over. I believe the public is aware of this. I think they are more concerned and still frightened and government officials give them credit for.

Businesses will reopen and become profitable again when people feel safe enough to come out and that’s the bottom line. Regardless, now is the time to make changes in your life because everything is almost starting anew. You’ve come and visited this site because you’re having payday loan problems. Payday lenders have gouged you and you’re likely paying well over 200%, and up to 700% interest on these loans annually. So you’re looking for a payday loan consolidation company. I know you’re looking for us. You want a company with credibility. You want a company that has longevity in the industry. In our case it’s 23 years with an A+ BBB rating. A payday loan consolidation company that does a good job has those two attributes. They have have them in order to get your creditors to work with them and reduce your interest rate in most cases down to 0%. We can do that. Our payday loan consolidation company, Federated Financial has built up a track record with your lenders. They feel confident dealing with us because they know when we say you’re going to pay we mean business. We’re here, and we’re waiting to hear from you. Fill out our form or give us a call. Our payday loan consolidation company can help you, we are pretty darn sure that. We care!

27 Apr 2020
payday loan consolidation

The three true outcomes! Major League Baseball does it best……

Major league Baseball has completely revamped and redefined the way it measures statistics, and uses what they call saber-metrics to dissect everything that happens in the game. They use something called the “three true outcomes” to describe certain game situations. I don’t mean any specific game I mean the game in its entirety. Here’s what I mean. These are the three true outcomes. The only three true outcomes in a baseball game. Strikeout walk or home run. There is absolute resolution after each one.

The same holds true for the reopening of our country. I believe there are three true outcomes. Outcome number one: The country continues to slowly reopen. People fearfully go back to work but with protocols in place the infection rate stays status quo, there are no spikes, and the gradual decline continues. The true outcome here is people continue working

Outcome number two: People go back to work in the slow rollout time that the State governor’s talk about and the infection rate starts to spike, leading to more sickness and death. The true outcome here is the country has to close back up.

Number 2 is a direct vessel to number three. If the if the country closes up again the economy will totally tank and we will see a depression worse than anything that has ever been seen before. It will be worldwide.

These are the three true outcomes of America reopens again, or whatever it is he’s calling it these days. I think that number three is beyond scary. None of us know what a financial collapse would do to our country and the rest of the world. How would people react? The haves and the Have nots would be separated even more than they are today. Would there be anarchy? Would the have and have not system change? Would the halves be the people with the weapons and would the wealthy, or former wealthy people become the Have nots and subject to the whims of the new haves? Would owning weapons be the new wealth? Many things to ponder as we watch a progression. The effect of a complete economic meltdown is more frightening to me then the virus itself. The virus can eventually be contained and eradicated with a vaccine. The destruction of our society might never be fixed.

Today we deal in the present. We can’t worry about tomorrow because we all need to get by today. We either thrive, or just survive. Everybody out there should thrive. If you’re on this site you’re here for one reason only. It caught your eye because you have payday loan, advanced loan debt. You are here because payday loan consolidation is your only option, and it really is. It works so simply. You sign up and in most cases we can work with your creditors and reduce the exorbitant interest rates your paying down to 0%. Payday loan consolidation is the only product out there that can do this. When looking for a really great payday loan consolidation company consider the most important thing to be how long have they been in business? Federated Financial has been in business for 23 years with an A+ rating with the BBB. We’ve forged long relationships with your creditors and they will work with us, unless there are extenuating circumstances. In order to get yourself out of payday loan debt and thrive through this pandemic you need to fill out our form or give us a call and we will show you how payday loan consolidation can help you. It works. And we care!