As I type this, Governor’s around the country are loosening the restrictions that were put on businesses, specifically to keep people apart. These shelter at home mandates worked well as curves are flattened and reversing their course. So what happens to these businesses. Here’s my take on this. If you build it, will they come? I say not yet. I believe that government officials didn’t consider how the general public felt about sitting in a restaurant with this virus still floating around. People are still getting sick, going to the hospital and in some cases dying.

It’s hard to believe that people would be feel comfortable sitting in a restaurant with pizza and beer, yet. There’s just too much going on. Governor Kemp, the genius who governs Georgia is finding that out right now. I wonder how open bowling alleys are faring? I mean really? Open up a bowling alley. How about those massage parlors? Hey Governor Kemp! Is there a reason you chose massage parlors? Do you like them? And while I’m asking questions how do you like your endings? I’m guessing Happy endings always are always the best way to end the story! I’m really laughing as I write this but in no way shape or form is there a reason to open these type businesses right now. By their very nature bowling alleys encourage lack of social distancing. Who wants somebody, even masked somebody, leaning forward in your face and cutting your hair? I don’t. If it gets a little longer I’ll just tie it back. It sure beats getting the coronavirus. Legitimate massage is intimate. You’re up close with your therapist. One cough, one sneeze, or in Governor Kemp’s case one shot and it’s over. I believe the public is aware of this. I think they are more concerned and still frightened and government officials give them credit for.

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