“Ah, you don’t believe, we’re on the Eve of Destruction”

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“Ah, you don’t believe, we’re on the Eve of Destruction”
PF Sloan, 1964
Sung by Barry McGuire

You’re old enough to kill, but not for votin’ you don’t believe in war, but what’s that gun you’re totin’? And even the Jordan River has bodies floatin’….

Wow, those words! 55 years old and they still still ring true in many ways. Greatest protest song I can remember. I’m definitely showing my age. That song was directed at the Vietnam war. There are still enemies out there. Some we can see and some we can’t… Such simple lyrics that ring so true…

I fear that we are opening up Pandora’s Box before we are ready to see all that is inside. Opening up America again, or whatever he calls it. I hope the experts are right, but I fear they’re not. It only takes a few untested, AND, the key word here is untested, outliers to ramp this thing up big time……AGAIN!

In the epicenter of this virus New York City, they’ve barely hit the flattening of the curve. Governor Cuomo talks about revisiting opening up New York on May 15th. My opinion is, he’s just placating the White House. He knows damn well May 15th is not happening. The president comes out this morning like an unhinged maniac tweeting, liberate Minnesota, liberate Michigan. Does anybody see the body bags in the freezers in the state of Michigan? I don’t know anyone who watches the news that hasn’t. Why would he want to liberate a state that’s in the throes of the deadliest pandemic we have seen in our lifetimes? And then you have my favorite Governor… The guy who runs Florida. Governor moRON DESANTIS opening up Jacksonville beaches. Does he not remember the spring breakers in Fort Lauderdale? How did that work out moRON? You should have closed them sooner! Who out there watches the news and saw the beaches in Jacksonville open up? Bad move Mo! People congregating, ignoring social distancing and turning the beach into a petri dish. Open the parks Ron.. oh, I forgot, you did that too. Florida hasn’t even flattened the curve yet. But remember people, this is the idiot who thinks automobile sales are an essential business during a deadly pandemic. Are you beginning to see how we very well could be on the Eve of Destruction? I believe the economy needs to reopen, but why now? Why not lay low for a month and see what happens? Everybody who walks the street walks with a potential death sentence on their back. That’s all over the world right now and Governor moRON would rather support the party than save lives. There’s some sort of disconnect here. Why are we mandated to wear masks when we go shopping or do any indoor activity where there are people, while beaches and parks are open and people are congregating? Certainly that idiot DeSantis knows this thing is dangerously contagious and most definitely a killer. His ridiculous rationale is that people need to get out. Boohoo boohoo boohoo… Locked up in your house for a month with all the amenities. What difference would another couple of weeks make?… Or even a month? And you don’t believe We’re on the Eve of Destruction? The money’s not going to mean much if you’re dead! Hey Governor moRON!!! If you’re looking for something to do, why not go after the payday loan companies that are ripping off the public? Gouging incomes and tearing up lives! Probably because the Native American tribes, and large businesses have fit you right smack in the middle of their pockets. That’s all for now..

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