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The trouble with not paying your advance loan debt!

Bills suck! That’s not a new concept. Being behind on your bills during the Coronavirus really sucks. It’s tough to make a buck these days. Many hard-working Americans have fallen behind on their bills during these strange days. What happens if you just can’t pay? I’ll begin by saying I’m not an attorney but I’ve had many years of experience in this business. This is not legal advice but this is the way I’ve seen it go down. Creditors have rights. Yes, your lender has structured their contracts to make sure that they always have recourse if you default on your payday loan. Speaking from experience I can tell you that the phone will ring off the hook at all the wrong times. Calls from the people who loaned you the money. You will receive mail that could be threatening. Are some of the threats illegal? From what I’ve seen through the years the answer is yes but nonetheless, they can be frightening. You might even have somebody knock on your door. I’ve heard of that happening too. At the end of the day, if these people don’t get paid they will more than likely file suit against you for money’s owed, fees, and attorney costs. If you can’t work out a payment arrangement depending on where you live, they might have the right to go to garnish your income, or your personal property. If this were to happen you could very well fall deeper into the trap because they’d be taking a portion of your salary each week. That could happen. At that point, It would be difficult to pay any of your bills.


What can you do? Hopefully, you haven’t been served and sued. If that is the case Federated Financial can probably help. You don’t need to hire a lawyer if an action has not been filed against you yet. Federated Financial is one of the oldest payday loan consolidation companies in the country. We are rated A+ with the BBB. We are going into our 24th year of business. In most cases we can get your creditors to reduce their interest rates all the way down from 5, 6, or 700% to 0% APR which saves you money each month and consequently lowers your monthly payment. It’s better than taking out a consolidation loan because a consolidation loan will cost you money and interest payments. Taking out one loan to pay off another makes no sense. All you need to do is to fill out the simple form on the top of our page or give us a call during business hours. Somebody will be back to you quickly or at the start of the next business day. Our program is tried and true and it absolutely works for most people. Let one of our certified counselors tell you all about it and let you decide if it can work for you too.


Let’s talk about finally getting out of debt! Another VE Day might be just around the corner!

Those of you who read this blog might look at the title of this post and say what’s different about today? We always talk about getting out of debt, especially at the end of each blog entry. There’s a big difference today. A potentially major development on the coronavirus front. Early this morning pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced the efficacy of their coronavirus vaccination in controlled testing is over 90%. That should be the news of the year! Think about it… All of our lives will finally change. Interestingly, I don’t think we will go back to the way we but perhaps things might end up better in the long term. There will be a lot of things we can do we haven’t done in a very long time. They’re talking about rolling this vaccine out late this year and by the summertime of 2021 everybody who wants one will have one.

People can go back to work without fear. People can see their families and their loved ones without fear. Imagine hugging your grandchildren again! We can get on an airplane and fly without fear. Big business will slowly come back. Initially, the ones that come to mind are the travel industry, the airlines, and restaurants. Of course, there are plenty more. We can go to a ball game again. The movie theaters that we’re able to hang on will be open and packed. Our lives will finally change for the better. Of course, I believe that we will be wearing masks for a very long time. Just in different situations. I think that one of the positives that come out of this pandemic will be during the regular flu season they’ll be less pain and less death because people will be used to wearing masks. Masks and vaccines for both regular flu and Coronavirus might possibly save millions of lives a year worldwide. Masks will become part of our culture just like they have been for years in Southeast Asia. Finally,  some good news to raise our spirits during what should be the happiest time of the year. Next year it will be.

I compare this to VE Day because just like VE Day, it will signal the beginning of the end of a war. VE Day signaled the end of World War II in the European theater with the surrender of Germany. When this vaccine rolls out we will have won another war. I have my fingers crossed and will be reading about this every day. I know a lot of people that won’t take vaccines but I’ll tell you that my generation, the baby boomers were the beneficiaries of some amazing vaccines, starting with the one that eradicated polio from the planet. Fodder for another post.

This new vaccine will make it possible to go back to work and pay off your bills. At that point, you will be effectively able to reboot your life and start again. Let’s get started in a small way today. Let’s get rid of the payday loans. Federated Financial is an old respected payday loan consolidation company. Innovators, and well respected by your creditors. Next month we will start our 24th year in business. That says it all. We can get you out of debt and in most cases have your interest rate reduced all the way down to 0%. Right now you could be paying up to 700% APR.

Just fill out our form, contact us, or give us a call during business hours. We’ll explain everything to you and get you started if you feel comfortable with this concept. Payday loan debt consolidation works! Especially when you do it with the best company out there!


What causes unmanageable debt?

There’s an old saying, bad things happen to good people. It really never fails and it’s sad. Yet times like these put people in a position where they have to make decisions that they don’t like to make. We live in the time of covid-19. Many people are out of work. Many people were deeply in debt before this virus came to our shores. A lot of people have already made emergency choices that weren’t good, just to live during the last nine months. This is certainly not an assignment of blame but a sad statement on the state of our affairs in our country. It seems payday loans are a pervasive problem. Even in states that ban these loans Native American Tribes still offer them online. Payday loans for food, electricity, car payments. What is someone to do when they don’t have a place to go to work?


You’re reading this post because you’re on this site and you probably have a problem with your payday loans. It’s not your fault. This is 2020, the strangest and worst year that I’ve seen in my whole life. And I’m not young. The question you need to ask yourself is, what are you going to do about it? Given that many Americans are going back to work right now the last thing you want to do is let it go legal. Letting it go to the lawyers can lead to possible lawsuits and garnishments. You don’t need another loan either. You need to consolidate your payday loans. Working with a company like ours puts you in a position to have your interest rates reduced in some cases from upwards of 600% annually all the way down to 0%. This will lower your monthly payment and provide you with a shorter time to get out of debt. We’ve been in business for 23 years and have an A+ rating with the BBB. That gives us the credibility with your lenders to negotiate your interest rate down low, and get you out of debt sooner than you could do so yourself. As an old respected company, we can get just about anything done. Don’t let your advance loans destroy your finances. If you want to learn more about advance loans visit our FAQ page. Fill out our simple form or just give us a call during regular business hours. We can help. we treat our clients like family and we care.

A few last election thoughts!

People will go to the polls. 70% of 2016 voters have already voted pollsters are backing off their predictions a bit. Who is going to be the next president? Coronavirus task force. No more TV meetings. Where is Dr’s? Birx Giroir, and Fauchi? Dr. Scott Atlas radiologist. Coronavirus costing Trump senior vote.

Federated Financial website. 23 years in a plus BBB rating.. 0% interest. Clients like family.

In about 40 hours, people will go to the polls ostensibly to elect our next president. I say ostensibly because I kind of believe he’s already been elected. As of today, almost 70% of the people who voted in 2016 have already voted either by mail or in person. The polls are crazy. Everyone is different and the Dems are still suffering from PTSD given what took place 4 years ago. My take on that is that nobody can predict or poll this election. It used to be said that people who voted for Trump kept silent and were ashamed to admit it or even said they voted for another candidate. That very well could be happening at the exit polls. How about reversing that? What if the shame vote is the Biden vote? I’ve not heard one person on TV mention that yet. What if that rogue Republican just can’t take anymore insanity, votes for Biden, but can’t tell their friends because he’s ashamed? That would totally reframe the polls.


In the last few days, all these talking head pollsters have kind of backed off on their predictions a bit. In addition the 18 to 21-year-old vote has only had about 30% of their registered voters come out and/or mail in their ballot. That’s a large segment of the population. No one knows which way they’re going to go. Do they go left? As in protest inequality, and gun violence, or vote the way their parents vote. Again pollsters do not know the answer. Then take into consideration the fact that usually, the early vote is democratic but given this time of covid 19 perhaps it’s kind of split down the middle. 70% of voters didn’t want to stand online this year because of that. Nobody knows any of these answers. So who’s going to be the next president of the United States. If I were asking myself that question have to lean toward Joe Biden. Here’s the thing. The coronavirus has been out of control for the last nine months. President Trump has forgotten about the coronavirus task force completely. We don’t see their meetings on TV anymore yet things are worse than they were when this group was formed.  Where is Dr’s? Birx Giroir and Fauchi? Trump has ignored them. For all intents and purposes, he has banished them from the White House choosing instead to rely on Dr. Scott Atlas, a man with zero experience in this field who is a radiologist. He reads x-rays. The lack of a coronavirus protocol has really put off a lot of seniors who can’t see their children and their grandchildren right now. This has been going on since February. Trump has lost a lot of that vote and nobody knows just how many people that would consist of. So, I think it’s going to be a contest. Like a sporting event except that the ramifications are much greater. Bottom line, I don’t know a soul who’s not going to be watching TV on Tuesday night.


You’re on Federated Financial’s website. That means you’re having problems with your payday loans. people don’t arbitrarily end up here. You’ve come to the right place. Federated is 23 years old with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are experts in Payday loan consolidation and we’re here to help you. Our many years in business put us in a position to work with your creditors and have your interest rates reduced in most cases all the way down to 0%. That saves you money and gets you out of debt quicker. We can help you. Fill out our form or give us a call. We treat all of our clients like family….. and we care.


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