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18 Jul 2020
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Why let Federated Financial consolidate your payday loans?

When I go out to buy a car, I walk into the showroom and ask for the most experienced salesperson there. I want to do business with a person who’s worked at that dealership for a long time. About now, perhaps you’re thinking isn’t this a payday loan debt consolidation website? Yes of course it is, but the analogy is pretty simple. That salesperson with tenure, who I am about to torture has been there for a long time for a reason. He has a loyal customer base that every three years will come in and release a car. He treats people with respect and honesty. If he didn’t he wouldn’t last at any dealership because eventually, nobody would want to do business with him. He has product knowledge. Working at a job for a long time provides you with that knowledge, and makes you continually learn what’s going on in the industry with your particular products. This car salesperson wants me to come back in 3 years when I’m ready for a new car. He’s a long-term player. I’m sure the analogy has become clear


Federated Financial is the best at consolidating your payday loans. They’ve been doing it for 23 years with an A+ rating bestowed upon them by the BBB. Honesty and integrity provide you with an experience that you’re not going to get from a startup or a company that hasn’t dealt with your creditor’s thousands of times before. When a creditor gets correspondence from us, telling them that Federated Financial will be handling your payday loan debt, your creditor understands that it’s dealing with an old established company with years of industry experience. It makes it easy for us to deal with your creditor, consequently, you benefit by the terms that in most cases we’re able to negotiate for you. Most of the time we will have your creditor work with us to reduce your interest rate down to 0%. That’s usually a reduction of somewhere between 200 and 700 points. That’s right. Interest and fees in some cases can run you up to 700% annually. Lowering your interest rate to zero, ensures you get out of debt in the quickest amount of time with the lowest monthly payment possible. Payday loans are tough. Especially in these times, it’s understandable why some people have to turn to them. If you are experiencing extreme payday loan debt please, fill out the form at the top of our page or give us a call during business hours. You will speak with a certified credit counselor who understands your situation and your needs. Your certified counselor will explain this program to you from a to z and if you feel that it’s something that will work for you as it’s worked for hundreds of thousands before you, you’ll start relieving your payday loan debt today. Federated Financial treats its clients like family. It’s because we care.

11 Jul 2020
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Where are our leaders?

I’ve got to do first things first. I know you’re on this site because you’re having problems with your payday loans. You’re not alone. More than likely you’re overextended and can’t afford the interest rates that can range up to 700% annually. Very few people can afford that. When you consolidate your debt through Federated Financial, in most cases we can have your rates reduced by your payday lenders all the way down to 0%. Payday loan debt consolidation is essential to getting out of debt and staying out of debt. Don’t remain in the cycle of payday debt. Rolling over Payday Debt is not the answer. Payday loan debt consolidation is. We’re a twenty-three-year-old company with an A+ rating with the BBB. This ensures that we have a track record and we’re able to get the job done. Give us a call or fill out our form and we will get back to you during business hours. We can start you on the road to financial freedom today!

Where have all our leaders gone? That is not a rhetorical question because I have the answer. South Florida is the epicenter of the Coronavirus world. Most of the state is seeing cases pop up everywhere and right now our intensive care units are full in almost 50% of our hospitals. Disney World opened today. That’s some seriously awful planning. I’ve always considered myself a centrist with a distinct leaning to the right. Republicans today are definitely not cut from the Reagan cloth. Having said that, where is our government? Has everybody lost their minds and their balls? It starts from the top and works its way down. President Trump spent the day in South Florida yesterday meeting with Venezuelans regarding drug cartels. Then he hit a multi-million-dollar fundraiser in North Broward and in the late afternoon, got the hell out of Dodge. Not one word about the Coronavirus. This is our President. I guess I forgot. As he said last week, “one day it will just go away”. I wonder what medical school he attended after daddy put him through Wharton Business. He’s like the ostrich. His head is buried in the sand and if he doesn’t think about it or see if it’s not really happening. He has no contact with Dr. Anthony Fauchi. In Dr.Fauchi, the preeminent epidemiologist in perhaps all the world, our president has a great man to help him manage this virus. He hasn’t spoken to the doctor since June 2nd. Please read my words. He hasn’t spoken to the doctor since June 2nd as per Dr. Fauchi himself. The doc is still on the coronavirus task force. Why doesn’t Trump use his greatest asset! Dr. Fauchi has been around the world many times, quelling many different outbreaks of many epidemics. The President fears talking about this scourge will make it real. Total fantasy land. What he really fears is closing States on a rolling basis. His fear is that doing so will destroy his chance to be re-elected. Knock knock, he has no chance of getting re-elected. Not happening. Even as Republican senators are distancing themselves from the President by jumping ship, people like Governor DeSantis of Florida still have their mouths wrapped around anything that Trump possesses. If Governor DeSantis could remove his mouth from “The Donald”, open his ears for 10 minutes, and stop hanging on to the Titanic he would do the right thing. He knows damn well what the right thing is. It sure isn’t ordering the schools to open in the coronavirus epicenter of the world. Now I’m talking about rolling closure. Not a full-fledged lockdown like before. Broward County mayor Dale Holness doesn’t seem to get it either. He’s issued a couple of half-ass executive orders instead of doing the right thing which is close restaurants, gyms, all bars, and any place where people can congregate. How about the beaches Dale? Wait 3 weeks then reassess. Yes, it’s going to cost people money. And yes we have a federal government that can compensate these people instead of compensating malingerers an additional $600 a week toward their unemployment. Out of all these people, DeSantis bothers me the most. He’s gone. In 22 after he loses he’ll be remembered as the man who killed a lot of people. A man that has no spine. A man who stuck with the party’s line. By the way, this man is a Yale graduate, a Harvard attorney, and a war hero. Go figure. This has turned into a political fiasco. Who’s going to flinch first. I’ll tell you. The hundred forty some-odd thousand people who are dead in this country alone. They’ve already flinched. They died. Ron DeSantis is detestable. If he were a private citizen and all these people were dying under his watch he’d probably be indicted as a murderer. Instead, he’s just an arrogant bastard with zero backbone and a total lack of conscience. He’d be singing a different tune if God forbid his wife or one of his three children to catch this horrible disease. And what do we the people do? Heads up! Not one damn thing. We can’t do anything except to suffer and watch all of this sickness and death and pray that it’s not us one day. I have an iron in this fire too. Anyone who has money invested has a big iron in this fire. I don’t care about that. I care about lives lost. The children are dying now. When does it end? Why did Trump parole Roger Stone, a convicted criminal this weekend? Hopefully, it’s because he’s planning to resign, and he’s realized that his racist, corrupt, vile and immoral Monarchy has fallen. We should all be so lucky. He probably pardoned Stone because he was set to report to jail and start his sentence in the coming week. Floridians, write to your governor. Tell him what you think. If you are a dyed-in-the-wool right-wing Republican which I used to be, this would be a good time to renounce that position and not only get off a sinking ship but do the right thing. It’s time for these politicians to stop posturing and do the right thing. I’m talking about the Democrats too. Somebody should permanently Krazy glue that pretty mask on Nancy Pelosi’s mouth. This would be a better country without her obsessive hatred of the President, which although is justified, is just a time-waster. Fox News has to talk more about how people are dying and less about the racist environment that the president continues to foster. CNN needs to get off their liberal asses and start telling the truth. They need to become a credible news organization again. And will somebody please turn off Chris Cuomo and all that God blessing that he talks about. This is a man last who October in a bar told a guy who called him Fredo, and was obviously heckling him, that he would f**** up his s*** and throw him down the stairs”. That was one of the nicer things he said to this guy. Google it. The video is all over YouTube. It was a setup for sure but still, it just outlines his hypocrisy. I might have done the same thing under the circumstances but I’m not a high-profile television personality, and I don’t tell everybody I meet God bless. With a belief in God that’s so strong, he shouldn’t be f****** up anybody’s s***. Total lack of credibility there. I hope this world gets better. I hope this state starts to get healthy. I applaud the governor’s who have the courage to cross party lines and do the right thing. That’s it.

08 Jul 2020
united states stimulus checks

More stimulus on the way?

It might be time. Republican senators are warming to another stimulus check for Americans with one large caveat. They’re talking about lowering the income threshold from $75,000 a year, all the way down to $40,000 a year. What’s the reason for that? Simple answer. It would save the country billions of dollars. It also puts another dagger in the heart of what keeps this country running. Middle-class people. It’s often been said that there is no middle class anymore and it seems as though our government truly believes that. If they didn’t they would take better care of the people who reside in that category. I find it to be distressing that restaurants are being closed again and so are gyms. As recently as yesterday this has started happening across America. These are neighborhood places. Many owned and operated by small business people who are our neighbors. Middle-class people working hard to make a living. I don’t necessarily disagree with the idea that workout facilities and restaurants are a cause of spreading viruses. What I disagree with is prioritization. Makes me wonder? Wouldn’t a Casino be a much larger breeding ground for a virus than a local restaurant? That’s a rhetorical question because the answer is obviously yes. Casinos are owned by corporate America and most publicly traded companies with one exception being native American properties. Why isn’t the middle class being prioritized here? Does the government really think that a family of four can survive on what’s left of $75,000 after taxes? Have the Republicans lost their minds? That might be a better question? It’s difficult to understand the inner workings of closed-door government dealing with issues, but it sure looks like this president is taking care of his own, American corporations before he takes care of the backbone of this nation which is the working middle class.


This brings me to my next point. Why are you on this site today? The answer is obvious. You are overcome by your payday loan debt and looking for payday loan solutions. Fortunately for you, you’ve come to the right place. We’re Federated Financial. We’ve been in business for 23 years. We have an A+ rating with the BBB. We are one of those payday loan consolidation companies that can really help you. There are many payday loan consolidation companies out there but none of them have our longevity or our genuine concern or ability to help the clients. Our many years in business puts us in a position to help you with your payday loan debt consolidation. When you work through us your creditors listen. They know us. In most cases, they will reduce your interest rates from up to 700% annually, down to 0% based on your working with Federated Financial. We are exceptionally conscientious and I believe that we are an absolute industry leader. You need help and you can get help starting today. You need to take the first step. Call us, or fill out our form on the front page and somebody will get right back to you as long as it’s during business hours. If not we’ll get back to you first thing the next morning. We will explain this program to you and tell you all your options. Regardless of whether or not you use our program, you will be extremely well-versed on how payday loan debt consolidation works. We can help you. Start today and finish sooner. I believe we are the best at what we do because we genuinely care.

03 Jul 2020
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Take me out to the ballgame! Coming to a stadium near you on July 24, 2020…..Or maybe not!

The news is scary. It seems like COVID-19 is everywhere and spreading. Kind of a strange time to open up the baseball season. MLB plans on playing a 60 game season using a new protocol that they believe hopefully will inhibit COVID-19 from infecting the players. They will be playing in empty ballparks! A 60 game season has plenty of perks, especially for the bad teams. Any team can get hot for two months and surprise the country. There could be a longshot champion this year if… If they complete the season. I’ve written a lot about baseball in this blog. It is my favorite sport. So here’s my take. There will not be a 60 game schedule this year. Sanitation, separation, and only regional travel won’t make a difference. There will be no spitting, no tossing the ball around the infield, and certainly no high-fives or hugs. If it happens it’s going to be strange to watch. I hope it happens. Deep down I don’t believe it can sustain. They are 1800 major-league players on their team rosters right now. Umpires add to that total. Too many people and too much virus to save the season. I’ve read that the NBA is watching closely and will decide whether or not to play this year based on what happens to baseball. So, It seems as though professional athletes can be put out of work just like everybody else. The difference is most of them are extraordinarily wealthy and can afford it.

Here is my point. COVID is spreading once again. Anybody can be put out of work at any time now. This is the time to get your finances in order. Many people have gone months without paychecks and are just back at work. They’re struggling to pay their bills. They’re trying to pay their payday loans down. People need to pay down payday loans before the looming specter of job loss occurs again. Payday lenders have loaded you up with fees and interest that can total up to 700% each year. There’s no way to get out of debt in a short period of time paying rates like those. Federated Financial, our 23-year-old payday loan consolidation company can change that scenario. We are recognized By the BBB as an A+ rated company. That gives us clout with your creditors, Consequently, in most cases, we can get them to lower your interest rate down to zero and have you out of debt in a much shorter period of time then you could do so yourself. Payday loan debt sucks. It’s financially crippling. We are able to help you. We are one of the oldest companies of our kind in the country and we treat our clients like family. Give us a call during business hours or simply fill out our form and somebody will get back to you. We can get the job done! We care!