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Netflix and Amazon Prime have become my two best friends!!

And they say the Golden age of television was in the 1950s. I don’t think so. We have too much great TV today….. If you need to be entertained here’s my list of just a few of my favorite binge-worthy shows.

Bosch, season 6 on Amazon prime. Amazon’s longest running series, Bosch premiered just last Friday, the 17th on Amazon. If you like intelligent, realistic, who done it and why cop shows, Bosch is your ticket. Titus Welliver is Harry Bosch. Seasons 1 through 5 are available to stream before you watch season 6. I waited 365 days for season 6 to drop and now I have to wait another 363 days for the final season of the series.. Season 7. 10 episodes in 2 days.. Easy Peasy when it’s just that good!

Too Hot to Handle. Netflix, season 1, dropped on Friday the 17th. This show kind of validates the theory that it’s really hard to look away from a train wreck. A total train wreck, and absolute, complete escapist entertainment. Men and women alike, cannot look away from the people on that television screen. They found the 14 best looking people in the world. Interesting premise. They start with the 10 best looking singles on the planet. They set them up at this amazing Mexican resort telling them they’re going to do a reality show. And the first 24 hours seem like just that. A reality show. What these beautiful people don’t know is that hour 25 starts the complete and absolute celibacy rule. The prize pool is $100,000 and every kiss between the contestants costs 3 Grand. Going all the way costs a cool $15,000. That hundred grand evaporates quickly. The show is hilarious. Filled with drama, sneakiness and all the things that reality show watchers really enjoy. Most critics rate it C-, but for sheer brain-dead entertainment, and the ability to look at people who only wear bathing suits for 3 weeks, it’s great fun and definitely worth a watch.BTW, these really are the best looking people I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t know where they find them.

Here’s a relatively new and fun Netflix reality show, Love is Blind. Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not a reality show freak and dating shows usually aren’t my thing. It’s just that these two Netflix shows are an absolute hot mess and fun to watch. This show centers around a bunch of singles who are almost as good-looking as the ones on Too Hot to Handle. The premise here is that they don’t see each other for a specific amount of time. They “date”in what they call dating pods. Two adjacent rooms with a door in between. They can hear each other and they can talk to each other all night and all day if they’d like, but they cannot see each other until they decide whether or not they want to get married. So the premise of this show is, are looks everything? The man has to propose to the woman and she must accept before they actually meet. Then they plan their wedding and actually have their wedding on TV. This all happens in eight episodes. One spoiler. There is actually a runaway Bride on the wedding show. This is can’t miss diversion from the pain we’ve all been living in. From here on, I’ve got to take the intelligence quotient up a bit.

After Life, a very dark and very funny black comedy starring Ricky Gervais premiered season 1 last year to big audiences and big reviews. Ricky is back next Friday April 24th on Netflix. Season 2. It’s a show about a bitter man who loses his wife to cancer. He channels his grief into anger and decides to get even with the world with that attitude. Problem is that everybody he meets tries to turn him into a better person. Great premise, great show and a giant scene-stealing, squirm inducing performance by Ricky Gervais. I call this one a must see. It was created by, directed by, and of course written by Ricky himself. Nuff said bout that.

Back to Amazon for a little bit. If you’re bored, and want to see more fake blood that it takes to fill a thousand bottles of Heinz ketchup, Rambo Last Blood is for you. John Rambo does it one more time and nobody does it like he does. An hour and a half of fun shoot-’em-up. Rambo goes to Mexico to rescue his, kind of adopted niece from some nasty guys who kidnap lovely women, shoot them up with drugs and turn them into prostitutes. John has gotten a bit older now so he only fares well with the odds 50 to one against him. Complete, absolute, and utter diversion. We don’t need Shakespeare these days. We want to have fun and this one is a fun shoot em up. It’ll probably win a razzie, but I give it five stars*****

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Amazon prime. Season 3 dropped in December. I love this show. From a purely aesthetic point of view, the backdrops, the cities, the beautiful clothing and gorgeous cinematography really make you feel like you’re watching something that was made in the 50s.This show follows Midge Maisel and her manager Susie, as Midge climbs the mountain of success over other female comedians back in the late 50s and early 60s when they were few and far between. Great show, with Rachel Brosnahan as Midge stealing the show every time she gets up on stage to do a routine. You will laugh out loud! This one is a must-see.

Homeland, Showtime. I had to stick this one in at the end. Wonderful show. This season is its Grand finale. It’s streams weekly on Sunday nights. This is the last season. Boy, the seven years went quickly.I really could do with at least another year or two but in this final year they pull out all the stops sending Carrie back to Kabul where the show started 7 years ago. It pulls no punches and it delivers. If you’re lucky enough to never have caught it, you have the pleasure of binging seven seasons times 12. That should keep you busy for a while. There are no razzies for this one and they don’t give razzies for television shows anyway. The show is great and Claire Danes really is Carrie Mathison. She makes you believe.

These are some of my favorites and they are guaranteed to make you forget the supernatural quality of our real world today. I might also take one moment to tell you  once again, if you are on this site you’re here for a reason. Payday loan debt consolidation. That’s why you’re here. You’re here to consolidate your payday loans. Why do it? Why consolidate your payday loans when you’re able to pay them on time? Simple reason. Your creditors charge you between 200% and 700% annually. That’s just the interest. People consolidate their payday loans with a company like ours because we’ve been in business for 23 years, and because of our A+ rating with the BBB. In addition, we have the ability to work with your creditors and in most cases get them to lower your interest rate down to 0%. This is the way you get out of debt quickly and for a whole lot less money that you thought possible. Making this decision is a no-brainer. It’s just a question of which company you want to consolidate your payday loans. I say choose us. We are the grandfathers of this business. We get the job done and we do it well. We care!!

Catch the Chris and Andy show, 9 p.m. CNN

I must confess. I don’t watch CNN very often. Lately I don’t watch Fox either. This whole situation is way too politicized to get a fair and unbiased report on anything that goes on. There is one piece of absolutely compelling television that’s on two or three nights every single week. Chris Cuomo does his show weeknights at 9 p.m. Chris has also been down for the last two and a half weeks with coronavirus. To his credit he still does his show from his basement every single night. It has been obvious that he has been sick. What he’s doing is extremely comforting and inspirational to others who have this virus too. He’s upfront about all the symptoms. I mean everything. That would include depression, and even hallucinations.

In his position, talking about these things in front of millions of people is very brave. He has developed personal relationships and friendships with other coronavirus patients, and speaks with them on the phone during the day. He humbly says that it helps him as much as it helps them. I believe that. He’s frightened and he admits it. Thankfully he is slowly recovering. He also has a very interesting guest that joins him a couple of nights a week for long and informative interviews. His brother. Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York. Critics say that Chris Cuomo pulls punches when asking his brother questions. I don’t see that at all.

The governor answers each question in a very deliberate fashion, and I’ve noticed a couple of things. It’s clear that he’s not looking to pick a fight with the President at this point in time. That’s not always been the case and these two go way back. It’s still interesting television. He’s been extremely deferential to the President and to the federal government. Of course, the love between the two brothers is really obvious and fun to watch. These guys know each other so well. Of course they do, they’re Brothers. As of today Chris still has a touch of the virus. He said to Andrew last night,” bro, I’m still sweating”. Without missing a beat, the governor of New York replies “it’s called a fever Chris. “the back-and-forth repartee and  barbs, and banter are hilarious. It’s the best TV out there right now.

New topic. I just finished watching the President’s press conference. All three phases of his Reopen America plan. I am not a purveyor of doom and gloom  and I know there’s a lot of mixed opinion about this, but I fear he’s opening up a Pandora’s Box. I hope I’m wrong. Regardless, if you’re reading this post on this site you’re here for a reason. You’ve been thinking, how do I consolidate my payday loans? It’s time to think about that. As the country slowly reopens collectors go back to work, and they collect. That’s what they do. To think how about how do I consolidate my payday loans is a good thought You’re in the right place to find all the answers.

Federated Financial is a 23 year old company with an A+ rating with the BBB. Our age and our integrity have put us in a position to develop strong relationships with your creditors. In most situations will be able to lower your exorbitant interest rates down to 0%. That will get you out of debt quickly and for a whole lot less money. Yes, we can really save you a lot. So when that thought crosses your mind, how do I consolidate my payday loans? Your immediate answer should be call Federated Financial. Our number is on our home page. In the alternative, just fill out the form on our home page and someone will get back to you almost immediately. GOT PAYDAY LOAN DEBT? We’re the company to call when you become overextended with payday loan debt. Federated Financial really cares!

Leave it to our country’s leaders to politicize the biggest tragedy in 102 years…

Read this. It affects you. President Trump has his mind set that this country needs to reopen by the 1st of May. People get it. They understand why. Or, at least they understand why he feels that way, but it might not necessarily be right. In the case of coronavirus the cure is in the process of destroying the patient.

Our economy has seen a nice bounce-back over the last week and a half but, it’s certainly not time to put people back to work in many places. The President has come out and said that the final decision rests with him which is in direct contravention to the Constitution. The 10th amendment specifies this fact. Governor Cuomo of New York was very specific about this. “Earlier Tuesday the governor told NBC‘s “Today” that the power to reopen state economies clearly sat with their governors as defined by the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, which states that powers not clearly designated to the federal government fall instead to the states.” If you have your nose to the news, many constitutional attorneys have come out and agreed with Andrew Cuomo, who is an attorney himself. At the governor’s briefing today he was very specific about not wanting to politicize this problem but wanting to protect the people first. A coalition of East coast governors including Republican Governor Charlie Baker from the state of Massachusetts have formed kind of a coalition coming forth to say that the decision is ultimately there’s as to whether or not their state gets reopened, and they will do what’s best for the people of the states they govern. Donald Trump came out this morning on Twitter calling these governors mutineers. Not very Presidential. Shame on him for that. He’s a bright man who does know better.

Governor Cuomo went on to say at his briefing this morning, and I paraphrase, that the President has been extremely responsive to him and the state of New York and the last thing he wants to do is go to war with Washington. He wants to leave politics out of this discussion and concentrate on the people only. He went on to say that he has no axe to grind with the President and would only oppose him if President Trump were to try and override his decision as to whether or not to reopen New York to business. It’s an interesting situation that bears watching. I will say that after all I have watched and read about this, all these governors have an open and shut case. The 10th amendment clearly gives the power to local government. When our founding fathers wrote the Constitution they had come from a Monarchy and had no desire to create another one. There was never supposed to be a king in America and there never has been. So will some areas start to reopen and go back to work? If they do your payday loans will become a problem. You will need help consolidating your payday loans.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You’ve come to the right place. if you need help consolidating your payday loans we are the company to use. We’ve been in business for 23 years and we’re highly rated at a plus by the BBB. Payday loans are a tricky thing. The lenders love them because they earn between 200 and 700% interest on most payday loans they extend. Our company, in most cases will be able to lower your interest rate down to zero and get you out of debt in a much shorter amount of time for a whole lot less money. If you need help consolidating your payday loans, please use us! You want to deal with the best payday loan consolidation company out there and remember one thing! We care.

Is it time to Consolidate My Payday Loans?

I had someone email me the other day and ask that question. She wrote, “please tell me why is it time to consolidate my payday loans“? She goes on to write that she didn’t understand that during this crisis when cash is short, why would she be giving money to a payday loan lender.

This is what I told her. I reminded her first and foremost that she borrowed the money. I reminded her that she has a legal obligation to pay it back and also reminded her that her lenders could sue her. Clueing her in to the fact that I’m not an attorney, I explained to her if they were to sue her and win, her life could be made miserable. I explained to her that when creditors obtain a judgment they can go after many things that belong to her as long as they are unencumbered by a pre-existing note, or state law.

Furthermore, I went on to say, if she were to be sued, one of two things would happen. She’d either not appear and her creditor would receive a default judgement against her, or she would appear and based on payday loan lender paperwork that I’ve seen it would probably be open and shut. She would lose and could be responsible for lenders attorneys fees as well as hers. The flip side there is that a good attorney might just be able to find the hole in the paperwork. Did the Payday Loan company charge her too much money in fees based on her state’s law? Were they licensed to do business in her state? There is no perfect contract. In many cases there are holes.

I went on to say that despite all that, at the end of the day depending on the amount of money that was owed, it might just be less expensive to pay it off and be done with it. And that goes back to her question of why now? Well why not now? At the rate of interest that payday loan companies charge which is up to and including 700% APR every day she waits costs her money. But, here is the kicker. Using a good payday loan debt consolidation company would show you why the time could be now to get to work and fix the problem. Let’s take a really good company that’s extremely well respected with 23 years of experience and and an A plus BBB rating. A company like ours. Given our years of experience we know how to do it. In almost all cases we are able to have your creditor reduce your interest rates down to 0% putting you in a position to be able to pay off those payday loans in a much shorter period of time.

In other words we can get you out of debt quicker. I’d venture to guess that in many cases the interest on your payday loans has exceeded the actual cash balance that you originally borrowed. That’s insanity. The country is going to slowly come back online over the next month or two. That’s why consolidating your payday loans now should be done to avoid falling further behind. It’s time to start thinking rationally about the reality of your debt.So for everybody that’s reading this post I would say, ask yourself why would I want to consolidate my payday loans? ….. and consolidate my payday loans now? The answer is very simple. Each day you wait makes it harder and more expensive to get out of debt. Is there any better reason than that?

How many payday loans do you currently have?.. Have you tried Consolidation?

How many payday loans do you have? That might seem like a strange question but I have a good reason for asking. Payday loans were actually once a good thing. The initial modern day payday loan model was set up by lenders to help out the people who live week by week, when they ran short of cash. I don’t know where or when the model changed. The old model didn’t charge loan shark interest rates. They charged people a moderate about of money to get by until the weekend. People were willing to pay money for that privilege and that’s pretty much real life commerce. You pay for a service. Somewhere along the line the need for greed kicked in and payday lenders became the legal version of the mob. I’ve written articles about this before and if you go a few months back in the blog you can read them.

Did you know? 8 out of 10 payday loans roll over. That’s right. Only 20% of the payday loans that are taken out are paid back on time within the preset guidelines. This is exactly what the payday loan companies want and exactly how their business models have been set up. Repeat customers are their easiest customers to find. Given that 8 out of 10 payday loans are rolled over my question at the top of this post seems very real. It would stand to reason that when a person maxes out their ability to borrow from one lender because they’re busy paying off a loan that has already rolled over, they search for another company and fresh money. It’s an extremely vicious cycle. Eventually, the consumer doesn’t have the ability to pay all these loans back, and they have no alternative but to stop paying, at least on some of them.

That’s when the creditors go to work. There are very few people that walk the earth that have not been deeply in debt at one point in their life, myself included. I remember when I was first married with a baby on the way how short we were of money. I’ve received those phone calls. I remember them. The creditors were no kinder back then. They wanted their money. Collectors are a different breed. Some of them are like rabid animals. Notwithstanding all that, the bottom line is they want their money back and they’re entitled to it. How do consumers pay back loans when their interest rates are running as high as 700% annually? In many cases the answer is they are just not able to pay. At least not all the loans at once. That’s where we come in. We can help you if you let us. Here’s how it works. You fill out the short form on our homepage or just give us a call. We are open, 9 to 9 Monday through Thursday, and 9 to 6 on Fridays. Somebody will pick up the phone during those hours. You will speak to a certified counselor who has been well-schooled in how to handle your payday debt. You will be given the parameters and if you agree with them you will give us permission to help you out. The first thing we do is tell you exactly how, and how much we can reduce your monthly payments. Much of that reduction comes in the form of having your interest rates lowered to 0%, in most cases. That’s the place that the large monthly savings begins. We have pre-arranged agreements with your lenders that allows you to make your payment through us and save money. We have been in business for 23 years and that longevity along with our A+ BBB rating gives us the credibility to work with your lenders and help you. They know if we tell them that they’re going to get paid in most cases they will. You make your first payment. All the paperwork goes out to your creditors.

At this point the phone calls stop. As you go along and make your payments you’ll notice that the balances are dramatically dropping. This is what you want to see. The bottom line is that we can get you out of debt in a shorter amount of time that you could do so yourself and at a greatly reduced interest rate which helps to lower your monthly payments. Our country is getting closer to reopening. Payday loan consolidation companies are more essential now that they’ve been before. There are more people in debt now than there have ever been. Good payday loan consolidation companies do their job well and really can help you. What do you look for when trying to find good payday loan consolidation companies? You’re looking for longevity. Longevity equates to a good strong solid track record.That’s the type of payday loan consolidation company that you need when trying to dig out of this debt. You’ve come to this site for a reason. As we all start our new normal over the next few months it’s time for all of us to reassess our finances and use payday loan consolidation to get out of debt.

Payday loans and payday loan debt consolidation in the age of coronavirus!

I was just doing some thinking. It’s Sunday, April 12th, Easter Sunday and I just read this long article about how amazingly wonderful the federal government is for sending out $1,200 ACH’s and checks this coming week.

Am I missing something here? This country has been out of work and shut down for about a month now. What good is one check, just one check for $1,200? Well, let’s see. In the south Florida area in which I reside, it’s less than a half months rent for a 3-bedroom 2-bath home. More than likely it would probably pay the interest and property taxes presupposing they’re escrowed on a house that you owned. For a family of four, it would probably buy groceries for about a month. I think you can see where I’m going with this. Why bother if it’s only going to be $1,200.If I’m not mistaken, initially it was going to be $1,200 twice. In other words once in April and once in May.

I’ve not read anything about that since it was first brought up and discussed. What we need to do for the sake of my point here is to let’s put that $1,200 aside just for a moment. If your state is anything like mine unemployment maxes out at somewhere between three and four hundred dollars a month. Add the $600 that the government was gracious enough to add on, and they’ve said they will add that on every week, and that makes $900. That’s less money then many people make. If you’ve lived your life making sound financial decisions hopefully you have some money tucked away for these rainy days. It’s hard to do that even in a two-income family especially if your family is young. Many people are not able to save until they get older.

So I guess we talk about alternatives. I haven’t forgotten about the $1,200. We’ll get to that in a moment or so. If you are a two-income family that 900 X’s 2 should get you by. Good for you. In this country, single-parent families are a pervasive problem. The real problem here lies with a monthly income when there is none. You are relying on your local unemployment office and an additional $600 kicker from the government to live each week. That $1,200 stimulus check your getting provides and additional $500 for each dependent child. I think you’re understanding my math right now and bottom line it is you probably won’t be making very much more than you would need to make to get by and perhaps you’ll be making a little less. That $1,200 that I was talking about before needs to be put away. I’m serious.

My dad always told me…and he was right, just to live on my earnings. In this case, you must live on whatever your earnings are and you have to be financially responsible so you can live on this money. Emergencies happen and that’s what the $1,200 should be for you right now. Being in the financial business I understand what people do for money sometimes. Hopefully, you haven’t had to borrow and I especially hope that you haven’t had to resort to taking a payday loan. Paying somewhere between 200 and 500% interest is really unacceptable. If you’ve been forced into that situation let us help you. Let us help you before it gets completely out of hand. Payday loan debt consolidation is a proven factor in reducing payday loan debt. Reducing payday loan debt is essential while the loan is still new. As the loan ages the interest mounts, and if you’re unable to pay on that loan as per your contract your total balance is going up right now.

Payday loan debt consolidation is the answer. In most cases, we can help you by working with your creditors to reduce that enormous interest rate down to 0% which lowers your payment considerably and helps you out of debt quickly. Payday loan debt consolidation has worked for decades, and we’ve been around for decades. We have an A+ rating with the BBB and as an old established company, we have the ability to help you. We will get you into a payment that you can afford to make and get you out of this payday debt. Did you know that only two out of 10 people pay off their payday loans as per their original contract? The other 80% roll the original loan into another. We can stop that from happening. Fill out our form or give us a call and we can begin to help you immediately. We always do the right thing. We have a track record to prove it, and in addition, we really care!

Your Payday Loan Creditors are starting to drool!

Yes, you read that right. As talks go on about reopening our country, creditors around the country are starting to get hungry. Hungry for your money. If you’re on this blog you know that we are a payday loan consolidation company. We are one of the companies that consolidate payday loans. Our name is Federated Financial and we’ve been in business for 23 years with an A+ rating from the BBB. That says it all. With that out of the way it’s time get real. Banks that deal in mortgages and credit card debt have extended all sorts of amnesty to their clients. It’s not because they’re kind.

It’s because they want to get paid even if it’s in small bites. No amnesty for payday loans! Why? Because these lenders prey on their customers. Their business model is geared to keep people in debt for many years. Payday loan debt consolidation companies are here to curb that process. There’s no amnesty for payday loan debt. I’ve googled it many times and can’t find anything about that. That begets the question, how do I get out of payday debt? Well, as most of us know by now the government will be either electronically transferring or snail-mailing relief checks to most Americans starting on Monday.

Your payday loan creditors are keenly aware of that too and will use every resource within their power to get their hands on your money. You need payday loan consolidation companies now,,, more than you know! If you’re reading this you are here for help and tell you why. What I mean, is you’re here because you need us but you really don’t know what we can do for you. A good payday loan consolidation company that’s been in business for a very long time has built up solid relationships with your creditors. Based on our longevity and the honest, transparent way we do business, payday loan companies know if we tell them they’re going to get paid in most cases they do.

You want to pay those payday loans through our company. Using a good payday loan consolidation company to pay your debt can save you thousands of dollars, and years of grief, both emotional and financial. In most cases our program can get your creditors to reduce your interest rate all the way down to 0%. Right now, odds are your paying somewhere between 200% and 700% annually. Payday loan consolidation companies can make your savings astronomical. Relieving the high interest burden from your loan allows you to pay off your payday loans in a reasonable amount of time. It’s really a smackdown victory. You’re paying your creditors back, but you’re not paying The “Vig” so to speak. One last little note. I call it The “Vig” for a reason. It’s a term that loan sharks use to describe interest. It’s short for vigorish. That’s what they call it. I call it that because I believe that payday lenders are nothing short of glorified loan sharks. Eventually the government will do something about it. Right now you’re stuck with it so let’s make the best of it. Let us help you! It’s what we do, and we really care!

Coronavirus update! What’s coming around the curve? My take!

I’m not a doctor. I’m not a statistician. I’m not a left or right wing zealot filling the airwaves with a bunch of political propaganda. I can’t watch neither Fox News nor CNN anymore. Too much partisanship. Makes me want to throw up. Even as the curve approaches and the cases of coronavirus will slowly start to go down, this country is still in crisis. The economy is in the toilet. Forget about the markets. People that are buying now are buying on a hope. There’s plenty of volatility ahead. Our president wants to slowly reopen the country. I agree with him, as long as it’s done intelligently, and hand-in-hand with the medical community.

federal government

President Trump needs to allow plenty of medical input before he makes his final decisions. If this were to fade and come back the results would be both medically and financially catastrophic, and bordering on financial Armageddon.This has affected every single one of us financially, in every single way. No one has been spared. This virus knows nothing about location, race religion or socioeconomic status. As many acts of nature do, it’s hit already financially challenged communities the hardest. People will be going back to work slowly and hopefully the government will heavily rely on the new antigen tests to find the best candidates to head back into the workplace. Life as we know It will not be the same for the foreseeable future. Most of the time I like to stick to writing and speaking about things that I enjoy and that I fully understand. There will be no football season this year, nor will Baseball teams play. Hockey and Basketball will not finish their seasons. You’ve not heard that on the news but I am old enough and I’ve seen enough in my life and digested enough of the information that’s floating around to come to those conclusions and I’m going to tell you why. Let’s start with football. Today is April 10th. Football teams don’t report to training camp for another 3 months.

How do I make that statement today?

By the grace of the universe, and by listening to the wisdom of these fantastic doctors who are pulling the reigns in on our president, I have come to the following conclusions. Some of the hot spots in our country have hit the curve. That simply means that the new cases reported are flattening out and will eventually start moving down, and they’ll do that pretty soon. You can see it starting in New York. Hopefully by the time July comes around this virus will be less prevalent in most areas. So I pose this question: in an 80,000 seat football stadium what if 10 people are still carriers? They pass the disease on to 20 people, who will pass the disease on to 40 people, who will then pass it on to 80. And so on. That’s how it started originally. Within two weeks cases start popping up and they continue to pop up and increase over a wide swath of America. We’re back to square one or if we’re smart which we probably will be we would just chop it off at the knees. We cancel our sports season in this case football, and we wait till next year. It’s just not feasible to have that many people in a stadium with this thing still floating around. The players will get sick. Once again, it only takes one. There’s an unbelievable amount of close contact in a football game.

Protection, Prevention of Coronavirus Covid-19

Back to the fans.

Social distancing won’t work in a football stadium. Even if you leave four seats in between each person there is too much close contact at concession stands, bathrooms, and in other areas to keep it safe. The NFL will take Baseball’s route and just not start the season. They don’t want to end up like the NHL and the NBA with all that unfinished business. I mentioned Baseball because there has been some crazy talk about having the whole schedule played in Arizona. The Phoenix area is home to quite a few MLB spring training sites. Along with the Diamondbacks stadium and college stadiums MLB was proposing to play the games in empty stadiums with no fans at all. Interesting concept but they’re just too many people in the locker rooms and you can only lockdown grown men for so long before they want to go out even to get a Big Mac. these guys will miss their families cuz there are no home games. You have 30 baseball teams with 26 players on each roster and management staff. That’s almost 800 players before counting staff. There is no way to ensure safety with quarantine because it only takes one. Zach Britton, the great Yankee sinker baller said, and I paraphrase “there’s so many people that touch the ball. The umpire hands it to the catcher, the catcher throws to the third baseman, and the infielders toss it around before it gets to me. They need to make the game safe. I don’t want to take this home to my family” Zach was prescient in his thought. He said this before MLB canceled spring training and the beginning of their regular season schedule. The financial cost of losing these four major sports is probably incalculable right now. For the sake of this post, let’s say that it totally supersedes any one of the sports that it affects. it goes way beyond the sports all the way down to the guys that sweep the stairs in the stadiums.

And so it goes.

We will have no sports this year. Things will change and they will change just as soon as we all can be inoculated to protect us from the virus. If they could rush something through testing, we’re still looking at about a year from now minimum. This is just the way it is today. There’s nothing anybody can do about it but wait, and be careful. We need to follow the government’s stay-at-home recommendations because the statistics show that they are working. And, we need to wait this out. How does this affect you the consumer? How does this affect me who is most definitely a consumer also. Has anybody ever stopped and thought about how much it costs to go and watch any of the four major sports? And take your family with you. What does it cost a family of four to go to a football game? If there’s somebody reading this out there who’s feeling ambitious Google it! It ain’t cheap. There’s a silver lining here though. For those who can’t afford to take their families to these type of events right now there is a pretty cool alternative. Use a round number. Let’s say it takes $125 to take a family of four to a sporting event. That could dig into your budget whether you’re working or not. It’s too much money to spend especially in times like these, and all the major sports leagues are closed anyway.

Here’s my advice!

Take that money and multiply it by two. When things loosen up a bit drive down to the closest Best buy and pick up a 55 inch 4K smart television set for $500. That’s all they cost. The best seats in the House. Replay. Your own bathroom. The pause button. Food out of your own kitchen that’s not disgusting, and disgustingly overpriced. There can be a lot of advantages to staying home. The last thing you want to do is borrow money right now. Money comes at a premium and nobody knows who is going back to work and when. If you’ve borrowed money and you’ve had to borrow money from a place other than a conventional Bank you might be one of those people who have gotten stuck with payday loans. Yes, I used the word stuck. Stuck to the tune of somewhere between 200 and 700 percent annual interest. That’s what payday loans do for you and that’s what the lenders want them to do. They want to keep you in debt, forever paying enormous rates of interest.

How can you fix that?

How can you consolidate your payday loans? It’s not that difficult. To consolidate your payday loans you need a good company with a long track record in the business. You need a company whose worked with your creditors before and has a great reputation. You need a company that has a 23-year history of doing the right thing and retains its A+ rating with the BBB. So how do you consolidate your payday loans? You consolidate them with us. Federated Financial is the only choice to make when you are in Payday loan debt. Our program is geared to have your creditors reduce your interest rate, in most cases all the way down to 0%. This will get you out of debt sooner and for a whole lot less money then if you paid them off yourself. Get the payday loan monkey off your back and start getting out of debt today. Simply fill out the form on our homepage or give us a call. We’re here to help, and we do it well!

What if you are a small business owner applying for a loan and a $10,000 advance?


As I peruse internet Financial blogs I’ve been reading that advance money has not been going out within 3 days based on the Coronavirus Care Act(CARES) If it’s true, the SBA is acting in direct contravention to the law. They’ve messed up the law by not getting that money out in 3 days. The three days is part of the bill. I really find this all very interesting so here’s my take on what this particular part of the bill is all about. I’m talking about the $10,000 advance… think about this for a minute. Let’s say you have a small business with 3 employees.

If you took away the rent & just took the payroll and the assorted bills, including the telephones, it still costs more then $10,000 a month to run this business. As a matter of fact that $10,000 would probably run out in 2 weeks. Now,, consider the fact that many businesses will be turned down for their loans for various reasons …credit, overall earnings the last couple of years, and whatever criteria they use. Yet, “all applicants” will still receive $10,000 (which remains to be seen), and call it what you will it’s still free money. This money doesn’t work for business expenses but the reality is it’s free money and I’ll tell you why!….. AND, I’ll tell you why I don’t have a problem with it. What business person with a brain would use it for payroll? It would be enough to run a business for about 2 weeks. Then the business becomes insolvent once again. Obviously everyone of these people are going to pocket the 10K, or if the Redditt posts I have read are correct, the 5K or the $3,500, whatever it is you receive. Just say thank you Mr. President and move on. I find it hard to conceptualize government officials being stupid enough to think that $10,000 would be enough to keep a business afloat for more than a couple of weeks so consequently the business owners are going to say screw it and just feed their families. Here is where I think it gets really interesting and political.

Let’s say you are middle-class but hardly rich by realistic standards. What would the Democrats or the general public say if the government was throwing the middle class free money which obviously helps you out a lot? Many people wouldn’t understand all this unless they live in the middle class. There would be outrage! Many in the middle class have money tied up in retirement accounts and are pretty much cash poor so to speak. Giving the middle class relief would create an uproar that would be heard around the world. Lawmakers in the Senate would take a beating. I believe this money, was absolutely earmarked for middle class people with the full knowledge that they would pocket it. Every advance, without a real loan follow up was money that was specifically allotted for people in the middle class, socio-economic group. The government just couldn’t come out and say that. Hopefully you’re not suffering too badly during this economic disaster. I do know that many people have taken payday loans to pay their bills and can’t pay those payday loans back now. If this is the case how do you consolidate your payday loans? Are there companies that consolidate payday loans. how would you consolidate them if you found the company at consolidated them for you. What would you do. I think if you are looking for a payday loan consolidation company you’re on the right site. Try us! We are old and we are respected. We are 23 years old and have an A+ rating with the BBB. I believe we are the best, mostly because we care the most.

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Keep Americans out of debt & Keep them working!

I agree with President Trump! Keep Americans out of debt! Keep them working!

Hopefully you’re here and reading again. It seems like everyday our country takes another punch and we’ve bounced back every time. Today we found out the exact unemployment rate. It was reported that 4%. Many news outlets including the New York Times believes it’s well over 10%. The reason for this report doesn’t include the last two weeks of March. The last two weeks of March coincide with the president shutting down the country. Our unemployment rate is growing more quickly and any other time in our history since the great depression almost 100 years ago. Those are scary numbers for the economy and of course it explains your problem, my problem and everyone else’s problem here in America.

When publicly traded companies like 3M, who employ close to 100,000 people engage in creating manufacturing plants outside the country just to save money the President has to step in and say no more! Bring these companies back to America. If they won’t come back, we need to create new companies that manufacture the same products they do right here in the USA. If 3M wants to stay married to China let’s REPLACE THEM!! Joblessness equals no income. With all the covid stimulus packages that the government is creating hopefully money will be reaching the hands of the public sooner than later. Right now people are just plain broke and struggling to put food on the table and keep the lights on. All this is completely out of our control and this is the reason that’s so many Americans are so deeply in debt today.

There are many loans out there, and many credit card bills too, just not getting paid. Payday lenders are not getting paid either. Given that they’re being paid at a rate up to 700% annually it’s understandable that they want their money now. They’re making a fortune. What do you do when the money is just not there to pay that bill with its exorbitant interest rates. How do you consolidate your payday loans? How do you get the creditors off your back? They’re still out there and they could care less that people are dying. Mob mentality in the mainstream. That’s what payday loan collectors are. Who are the best payday loan consolidation companies. Who are the payday loan consolidation companies that you want to use when your back is to the wall, and you need help immediately. My vote is for us! Old and established. Extremely experienced. We work hard for you!

In most cases we’re able to reduce your interest rates down to 0% and get you paid off more quickly than you could, if you did it yourself We’re 23 years old and have maintained an A+ rating with the BBB for over 20 years.If you’re looking for companies that consolidate payday loans please consider us. Just give us a call using the toll free number on our homepage or fill out our 30 second short form. One of our certified representatives will get back to you quickly. Federated Financial is the best payday loan consolidation company out there. We can get you out of debt…… And we can reduce your monthly payments. We know we are the best option you have when you ask, how do I consolidate my payday loans?

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