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Payday Loan Consolidation for you when you Need It!

In this blog post I’d like to talk about the bottom line in debt consolidation for payday loans. There’s a lot going on in this world. Sometimes it almost feels like the world is coming to an end. Today, on Thursday February 27th 2020, many people are having financial difficulty add or financial fears on many different levels. There is so much going on. It’s all set up like a row of domino’s that have started to fall in unison.

The coronavirus has finally gotten here. It’s taken hold in China and it is finally abating. South Korea, Iran, Italy and many parts of Europe and the list goes on. This domino falls into the financial markets, closes down factories and that effect bleeds into the stock market. The stock market tumbles and it’s like the food chain. Factories can’t produce and inventory Runs low. Retail, has less to sell and the people lose jobs. That’s where the trouble starts. Financial problems are the most stressful part of family life. Yet they exist and we have to deal with them. When we only have dollars going out with no income coming in people tend to make desperate decisions based on emotion as opposed to being based on logic.

They turn to payday loans. It’s quite understandable that somebody who had a family and was desperate to pay their bills would do something like this. Eventually the inevitable happens. That 6 or 700% interest rate becomes a financial burden and eventually becomes unaffordable. Many folks roll these loans into new loans and it ends up simply being a device which takes from Peter to pay Paul. It’s an endless circle that can go on and on. The bright light at the end of the rainbow is that there are companies that do debt consolidation for payday loans. What is debt consolidation for payday loans? It’s simply having your lender working hand-in-hand with the payday loan debt consolidation company and reducing your interest rate down to zero so you can pay these things off once and for all…

When paying off these payday loans it helps immensely to use a payday loan consolidation company that has a track record. What I mean by a track record is a company that has been in business for over 20 years and is highly rated by the better Business Bureau. Those two things give the payday loan consolidation company that you’re using the track record and the credibility of being around for a very long time which in turn gives the client a level of comfort that they need by letting them know that there is a large reputable company on their side. In the payday loan consolidation business reputation is everything. Payday loan lenders pick and choose in a discriminating way when deciding which payday loan consolidation company they choose to work with. They do not work with all of them. They look for companies with a really good payday loan consolidation program. In this circumstance a really good consolidation program is one in which the customer always feels safe and protected and consequently because they know the job is getting done by a company that cares will make the payments right down to the very end ensuring that the lender gets paid back. A really good payday loan consolidation program let’s the customer know what’s going on every step of the way. Everything has to match. That way the creditors calling stops. There are no lawsuits being filed add this payday loan consolidation program has worked for the consumer. It’s a very simple process that can be made very difficult by a company without an ongoing track record with the creditors that they work with. a really good payday loan consolidation program is essential to being successful in paying off these debts. You paid off your payday loans. Unfortunately most people don’t know how easy it can be.the payday lenders certainly don’t advertise it, and most people just don’t think about it. They just figure they have a debt and they need to pay it. Many of these people live in small towns and the very people who own the lending companies are people they see from day-to-day. As we all know it be very embarrassing running into somebody who you are indebted to.You’d never want to be in a situation like that. The good news is you don’t have to be. You paid off your payday loans! You never have to be in that situation again. That is an absolute. There’s always an alternative solution. But at this point the bottom line is lowering your payday loans using payday loan consolidation. Proof positive that it works. You embark on a new life path. Your life has been changed for the better by payday loan relief. One last point about paying off your payday loans. It should never be this difficult. This has been mentioned on this site before. We’ve talked about it in our videos. Victims of ridiculously high interest rates shouldn’t have to use payday loan debt consolidation to fix the problem and the reason for that is there should be laws to protect them. As a consumer you need to write to your local legislators and tell them what the problem is. Tell them that you’re not going to put up with it anymore. Tell them that if they don’t start fixing it you’ll be going door-to-door with petitions to have them removed from office. Payday lenders can still make money at extremely high interest rates. There needs to be a cap. If the interest rate has two be 25 or 30% for the convenience of instant Cash and protection against some of these loans not being repaid so be it. 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, and 700% will never be an acceptable risk mitigation interest rate as far as any consumer is concerned…..

If all the gears mesh perfectly and the program runs smoothly, you the customer are eventually provided with payday loan relief. It sounds so simple. Payday loan relief. Now here’s the catch. It’s only payday loan relief if you are able to stay away from those payday loans and not look backward. You must never use them again. Getting help with payday loan debt is nothing to be ashamed of. Debt happens. It happened for many different reasons. Not unlike the reasons I explained in the beginning of this post. Asking for help is not weakness. Asking for help shows strength. Asking for help with payday loan debts shows strength and a distinct understanding that there are some things that you cannot do yourself. There’s no shame in that. The shame would be not pay these things off add continue to pay for them for years. By not asking for help you do yourself a disservice. I believe in what we do. I truly believe that that consolidation for payday loans is the only way to go when you need to get out of payday loan debt. As a company that has been in business for 22 plus years Federated Financial has become a torchbearer in the industry. An innovator writing the rules when there were none. Setting up people to pay their bills when they thought they couldn’t do it. And then they did it. When you are mired in debt and looking for a good payday loan consolidation program look no further than the site that your on.if you work with us payday loan relief will be right around the corner. That’s because we care!

The Best Option for Payday Loan Debt Consolidation?

You have taken a payday loan. I’m sure there was a good reason. No one takes payday loans to go out and have a good time. As the weeks go by the interest mounts consequently not allowing you to pay much principal with every weekly payment. One day you wake up and you realize you’re walking on the debt treadmill. How do you get off? There’s no easy answer to that question. There are a lot of complexities involved and it all depends on your situation. If you do find yourself deep in Payday loan debt the biggest impediment to retiring that debt is the enormous amounts of interest you are being charged. I have a chart in this blog that will show you all the states and the interest rate they allow payday loan companies to charge. It can run you up to 700% annually.

It edition this chart will show you whether payday lending is legal in that any one particular state. Refer back to that. It’s just a couple of articles back. Payday loans might not even be legal in your state. For now, let’s proceed under the assumption that they are. That’s why you’re on this blog and on this site. My guess would be that you have visited other sites too, and you’re trying to make a decision as to who you’re going use to consolidate your payday loan debt.I think the two most important things you need to look for are longevity, as in time in business, and a combination of trustworthiness and credibility. Having written that I can actually think of only two companies that you give you both. I’m not going to talk about anyone else’s company, except to say that I know the man who is the owner of that company and he has integrity just like we do. So I’m telling you that if you see 100 ads in these categories for payday loan consolidation companies and you are confused I don’t blame you. I’m going to tell you to choose us!!!! Talk is cheap but I can prove what I say. We are now in our 23rd year of business. A lot of people can say it but I’m going to show you. Click this link. We incorporated January of 1998. That would put us the category of over 22 years, or in our 23rd year.

VISIT our Business Listing Here

In addition we are recognized for our excellence by the BBB. We have been rated A+ and we have been for many many years. We are members since 1999. So what does that mean to you? It means you are dealing with a company that has forged trusting relationships with all of your creditors. It takes two components to make a company like ours work. First our clients. We make promises to our clients and we wouldn’t be able to keep them if it wasn’t for our relationships with their creditors. Creditor participation is huge.

Many of these new companies that are popping up don’t have these kind of relationships. A lot of them aren’t even recognized by specific creditors at all. Our longevity is one of our greatest advantageous. The BBB ranking speaks for itself. What I’m telling you here, is if you want to deal with the best just pick us. We will treat you like family and this program works!

The A B C’s of Budgeting

The A B C’s of Budgeting – (Always Be Counting) & (Amazing Bogo’s r Cool)

As we start this next foray into how to save money I thought we should start at the supermarket. The goal here is to ameliorate your debt. Here in Florida we have Publix supermarkets but I assume this is pretty much standard operating procedure all over the country. I’m talking about buy one get one free. I came out of the supermarket yesterday and looked at the receipt and it told me I saved $43 and change. It was just one of those days. Everything I came to buy was two for one. I don’t know why. That part is certainly a once-a-year occurrence. Kind of like playing a slot machine and winning. I do know that when they have two for ones and your family enjoys what day are literally giving away, try and buy four for two. Seriously, take advantage of a really good deal. I do. Now yesterday was the exception. Everyday is not your personal Bogo day but with a little bit of creative shopping you could make it so. What I mean is this. Can anybody taste the difference between Pepperidge farm and Arnold’s bread? Especially when it wraps up a peanut butter and jelly, or a great turkey and cheese sandwich? I believe the answer is no. Does it really matter if Zephyrhills, or Eternal Springs water is the BO-GO of the week? Not if you’re on a budget and you’re always counting what you spend in the grocery store. The difference between premium products is usually very slight. I’m a diet Pepsi guy and I swear I can tell the difference between diet Pepsi and diet Coke. Who cares? I’d rather have two for the price of one. Bought some Chobani yogurt yesterday. They come in four packs. I bought four, four packs for the price off two. I think you see where I’m going with this. is Janis Joplin sang years ago in a really great old song “Get it While you Can”!

Also remember to “always be counting”. If you have a budget for groceries stick to it. You can do the math in your head as you walk the aisles. Rounding off numbers even within $10 is just fine. Always save your money. Saving money is imperative. If you’re on this site I’m sure you’re well aware of that. The key to getting out of debt and staying out of debt is knowing what you’re spending and where you’re spending it. Unfortunately, many people turn to Payday loans. They’re a deadly trap. If you find yourself in that position, payday loan debt consolidation is the answer. We are one of the oldest and most respected payday loan consolidation companies in the industry. We’ve been consolidating these loans for the last 23 years and we are highly rated at A+ by the BBB. Read our site. Watch our videos. You will be helped just by doing that. Our site is extremely informative and all of the information is up to the minute new. If you feel that you’re curious about payday loan debt consolidation and still not sure of exactly what it is after reading our site please call us or simply fill out the form on one of our pages to speak with an accredited debt counselor. No pressure. We can help you 99% of the time. We want it to work for you. We care.

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The Geography of Payday Loans in United States

The Geography of Payday Loans in United States: I was curious. I decided to print out a list of all 50 states and and the District of Columbia to see which states were most protective of their consumers and which ones weren’t. I’m specifically referring to payday loans and the enormous interest rates payday lenders charge.
I wanted to see which states were able to keep those rates in check and which ones didn’t seem to care. I’ve been in this business for many years and even with all my years of experience the results still shocked me. The first state that completely caught my eye was Connecticut. This is a traditionally Democratic state with the Democrats carrying the last seven presidential elections. As I guessed, Connecticut is a state where payday loans are illegal. Washington DC is true blue also. it’s the hub of the government but traditionally a blue District. It makes sense that in Washington DC payday loans are illegal. Arizona was the first state I noticed that didn’t follow the red blue pattern. Except for Bill Clinton‘s win in 1996 Arizona has voted Republican in every presidential election since 1952. Payday loans are illegal in Arizona. In Georgia the Republican nominee for president has won the state in every election since 1996. In Georgia, payday loans are illegal.
State Max Loan Term Interest
(simple term)
Alabama $500 31 days 17.50%; +3% after default
Alaska $500 >14 days 17.5% + $5 fee
Arizona Zero
Arkansas Zero1
California $300 31 days 17.65%
Colorado $500 ($500 max at any one time) >6 months 20%: $0-$300 + 7.5%: $301-$500
Connecticut Zero
Delaware $500 (5x/year); $1,000 max at one time 59 days No Limit
DC Zero
Florida $500 & no more than 1 loan2 31 days 15% plus unlimited verification fee
Georgia Zero
Hawaii $600 32 days 17.65%
Idaho $1,000 No Limit No Limit
Illinois $1,000 or 25% of borrower’s gross monthly income, whichever is less 120 days 15.50%
Indiana $550 or 20% of borrower’s gross monthly income, whichever is less >14 days 15% for first $250; 13% for $251-$400; 10% for $401-$500
Iowa $500 max & not more than 2 loans 31 days 16.67%
Kansas $500 & no more than 2 loans 30 days 15%
Kentucky $500 & no more than 2 loans 60 days 17.65%
Louisiana $350 30 days 25%
Maine $300 No limit 15% for up to $200, 25% for $250-$300
Maryland Zero2
Massachusetts Zero
Michigan $600 31 days 15%
Minnesota $350 30 days Variable3
Mississippi $400 30 days 20% <$250; 22% >$250
Missouri $500 31 days 75%
Montana $300 31 days 36% APR (not simple interest) + $1.39/$100
Nebraska $500 34 days 17.65%
Nevada 25% of borrower’s gross monthly income 35 days4 None
New Hampshire $500 30 days 36% APR (not simple interest) + $15.50/100
New Jersey Zero
New Mexico $2,500 (25% of monthly gross income cap) 35 days 15.50%
New York Zero
North Carolina Zero
North Dakota 500 (or $600 outstanding) 60 days 20%
Ohio $5002 (4 loans permitted/year) >31 days 28% APR2
Oklahoma $500 45 days 15%
Oregon $500,005 31 days-60 days 36% APR
Pennsylvania Zero
Rhode Island $500 & no more than 3 loans1 >13 days 10%1
South Carolina $5,506 31 days 15%6
South Dakota $500 No Limit No Limit
Tennessee $5,001 31 days 17.65%1
Texas No Limit2 >7 days 12%2
Utah No Limit 10 weeks No Limit
Vermont Zero
Virginia $500 2x borrower pay cycle 20% fee + 36% APR
Washington $700 or 30% of borrower’s gross monthly income, whichever is less 2x borrower pay cycle 15%
West Virginia Zero
Wisconsin No Limit 90 days No Limit
Wyoming No Limit 1 calendar month $30 or 20%/month max
Notes 1. In this state, online loans follow the lender’s state laws, and not the borrower’s state laws.
2. In this state, lender may be regulated as a credit service organization (CSO). Generally, a CSO does not need to be licensed so there is no limit to the maximum loan or finance charge.
3. Minnesota: (i) On any amount up to and including $50, a charge of $5.50 may be added; (ii) on amounts in excess of $50, but not more than $100, a charge may be added equal to 10% of the loan proceeds plus a $5 administrative fee; (iii) on amounts in excess of $100, but not more than $250, a charge may be added equal to 7% of the loan proceeds with a minimum of $10 plus a $5 administrative fee; (iv) for amounts in excess of $250 and not greater than $350, a charge may be added equal to six percent of the loan proceeds with a minimum of $17.50 plus a $5 administrative fee. After maturity, the contract rate must not exceed 2.75% per month of the remaining loan proceeds after the maturity date calculated at a rate of 1/30 of the monthly rate in the contract for each calendar day the balance is outstanding.
4. Nevada: May be up to 90 days if: (a) The loan provides for payments in installments; (b) The payments are calculated to ratably and fully amortize the entire amount of principal and interest payable on the loan; (c) The loan is not subject to any extension; and (d) The loan does not require a balloon payment of any kind.
5. Oregon: 36% APR interest plus $10/$100 origination fee up to $30
6. South Carolina: Transaction may be handled as a consumer installment loan, not a “payday loan” per se, so there is no limit to the maximum loan or finance charge.
* Tribal lenders are not regulated by or subject to state laws

I really thought there would be a correlation between red States blue States and the legal status of payday loans. Boy, was I wrong! This is not a scientific experiment by any means but prevailing logic would imply that red is way more conservative that the liberal blues. Before I looked I assumed California would be another state that would ban payday loans. Although the interest rates have been capped at almost 18%, that’s computed as simple interest, they have still not eradicated payday loan companies from their state. As all of us know California aspires to be the United State of California and secede from the union one day. That’s liberal!I believe what I’m trying to say is that there’s no pattern to these laws. When I printed this list, I thought it would be very different. After going through it, there was one thought that took root in my head. I was wondering why industries like these are not federally regulated. I was wondering why payday loan companies weren’t regulated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? There’s a two-word answer to that and her name is Kathy Kraninger. If you’re curious, go back to September, October, and November in the blog and read a little bit about her.

So I continue to ask myself, why is there such a disparity between legal states and illegal States, and ongoing interest rates in the states that payday loans are legal? There is no logical pattern. I have one more interesting thought about it. Take a state like MissouriMissouri has an interest rate cap of 75% compounded daily. Over a year, a $500 payday loan would cost $1,057.69 in total to pay off. Do the math. By the way, that’s low end of the spectrum. Interest rates can run up to 700% annually depending on the paperwork you sign. Let’s get back to the problem at hand. I’ve written about this before. The problem always reverts back to usurious interest rates that would be illegal in any other business, being charged on payday loans. What can consumers who are desperately in need of quick cash do about this?

The answer is, write write write! Write to your public servants and tell them! The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was created by President Obama to protect the public and police businesses like payday loan companies. President Trump has handcuffed this Federal agency by putting people he has handpicked himself in positions of power. Most recently, President Trump asigned Kathy Kraninger to that post and before her, Mick Mulvaney was the head of the CFPB. If you Google Mick Mulvaney you’ll understand his politics.

My question is this. Why does our Republican President protect payday loan companies? Im really curious about that. I do understand that our president is pro-business but in these times we’ve noticed that many of these payday loan companies are actually owned by native American tribes. This is interesting because upon researching the tax status and obligations of native American tribes, I’ve noticed that there are many different treaties that have been signed by many different tribes and consequently all Indian tribes don’t pay the same federal income tax. Some pay way less than others. That brings me back to my initial question. Given that much of the payday loan industry is run by native American tribes, why does the federal government allow them to eviscerate the wallets of the people who can least afford it when the federal government cannot tax the eviscerator like they can tax regular privately owned or publicly traded companies? Good question and I have no answer.

In some of my videos I mention it’s time for people to write to their legislators and tell them that they’re sick and tired of paying loan shark interest rates and if said legislator does not work hard enough to eradicate our country of this parasitical industry they will be voted out of office. That’s really the only way to effectuate change. As a child of the 60s I remember the power of protests. If you do find yourself stuck is the muck of payday loans contact Federated Financial Payday Loan Consolidation. Our number is on the top of the homepage as well as a little box to fill in three or four quick pieces of information.

Bottom line is if you give us a call or send us a form we can start helping  immediately after speaking with you. Read the chart. Choose your state and see what’s going on there. If you need us choose us!. Federated Financials’ 23 years in business and our A+ BBB rating speaks for itself. We Care.

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Happy post Valentine’s day ❤

This is going to be an article which will make me look like I’m Scrooge. That’s not so. I don’t hate Christmas and I certainly respect what it stands for. I hate all of ’em!!!!!! I’m WORSE then Scrooge!!!All of the holidays that were created by the media and corporate greed to put the American Consumer behind the eight-ball so to speak and keep them in debt. We all know the debt creates desperation and that desperation creates borrowing. Holding that thought, borrowing or using your credit card on Valentine’s day can put you in a situation where you need a quick fix. Your credit card bills are due and the money is not there. Consequently, you take a payday loan.. and then the fun begins. For the Payday Loan company, not you. We’ll talk about how to fix that in a minute. Payday loan consolidation always does the trick or at least in 99% of the cases it does.

Now back to my holidays. I just wonder how much your Valentine’s day dinner and your Valentine’s day present to your sweetheart actually cost? Before we figure that out though let’s go back to the last big one. Christmas! As I recall Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ. When I was young and growing up I attended religious school. nowhere in the curriculum was there a mention of spending thousands of dollars on gifts for your loved ones. Why do we still do that? After all if we are going to give gifts on Christmas perhaps we should give those gifts as donations to the church. After all we’re not celebrating the birthday of every person in our families we’re celebrating the birth of Christ. I don’t get it. I don’t understand why every American or just about every American goes out around Christmas time and buys thousands of dollars worth of items they cannot afford. I do understand though I really do. This is a bunch of garbage thats perpetrated upon us by the newspapers, television and the mass media, fueled by major corporations and extreme corporate greed. And we can continue to run through these days. The Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah. To me, the spirit of the holidays been lost… As I recall that holiday is all about the oil for the lamps in the temple lasting 8 days and not just one. Is there a spot I’m missing in the old testament where God says give the children gifts? This has to sound pretty funny to you right now, does it? Come on tell the truth, you’re laughing now! Then we have my two favorites. Mother’s day and Father’s day. We can’t buy our mom’s or dad’s a present on one of those two days and say to ourselves okay, this makes up for me being really nasty to you all year. That’s not what life is all about. Honor thy mother and thy father! One the ten commandments, and secularly the way we’re all supposed to live our lives. Yet these days that were created by the government have been bastardized by major corporations and turned into gift-giving days. Mother’s day was signed into effect on June 19th 1910 by President Woodrow Wilson and 58 years later the day that honors fathers became a nationwide holiday in the United States. My parents have been gone for years now but I still celebrate mothers day and Father’s day, everyday. they are always in my thoughts and when they were with us I always treated them with love and respect.

Now to the reality…. If you have run up debt during these holidays you might need help. If you do we are here to help you. If you’ve run up credit card debt and you can’t afford to make the payments call the number at the top of the homepage on this site. There are certified counselors on staff everyday that are more than happy to help get out of debt. In addition, if you’ve used the payday loan solution to cure this problem you need help quickly. In most states payday loan interest can run you anywhere between two hundred and 700% annually. We are an old respected payday loan debt consolidation company. We can work with your creditors and in most cases have them reduce your rate to 0%. In addition, we can get you a lower payment because if you’re paying 0% interest you can simply just pay off the principal. Payday loan debt consolidation works. So does credit card consolidation. Use them if you need them. We are glad to help. Remember this article. This could be part of a primer called managing money 101.

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How to use a budget and stay out of payday loan debt!

How to use a budget and stay out of payday loan debt. When I was young my father would tell me “live within your means”. I never really understood that concept because money always burned a hole in my pockets. I had no idea how and or why I should save money and I had no conception of what it cost to live each month and what the total was… or what it could be each year. Let me explain below…

When I would ask my friends how do you make a budget they would tell me write down all your bills and write down all your income and and subtract your bills from your income. If you had something left over you were doing okay and if you didn’t have any leftover you’d need to tighten up. I tried to do that but I found that at the end of the month, even if I adhered completely to my budget I was still in the red… Then I had an idea I still use today. Your income may be a static number but monthly debt is fluid.

There are bills, there are emergencies. The cost of food always varies. The electric bill goes up and down and I could go on. This is what you need to do to figure out a monthly budget. Print out the statement from the last 12 months of your banking. Go over it item-by-item. Every bill that you paid whether it be recurring or a one-time bill needs to be written down. Do that for one full years time. Then, add up all the numbers and subtract them from your income. That’s a true budget. You’ll see all your bills. Doctor’s bills, veterinarian bills. Cost of shopping. Cost of water. Pet insurance if you have any. All of a sudden you see where the money has been going. Include the cost of entertainment because going to the movies and having some sushi afterwards is something I would call semi reoccurring debt. With the debit cards that we use today and the checks that we write, your actual statements are the best barometer of what it costs you to live. If you are in the black, good for you!

Start saving money for an emergency fund. Nobody knows when an emergency can happen. If you are the red start cutting back on whatever you need to cut back on. In another blog post there’s an article written about stupid debt. Read it. We all can relate. Here’s the thing. There is a quick fix for these monthly shortages and many people take them. They’re called payday loans. Most of our clients have them. They are ridiculously high interest advance loans that cost an arm and a leg to pay back at interest rates that could top off at 700%. At that point in time many of the people we work with go into a payday loan consolidation program. You don’t want to be the person that takes out that 700% short term loan. That short-term loan will always become long-term. There are very few people that can’t afford that kind of interest on top of their monthly bills.if you ever find yourself in that situation you will need a payday loan debt consolidation to pull your life back together.

Payday Loan Consolidation Company - Federated Financial - Can I Consolidate My Payday Loans


Our company has been in business 23 years. In most cases if you make that mistake our consolidation program can get you out of debt in a shorter period of time. Our years of experience working with your creditors works in your favor. In most cases your creditors will reduce your interest rates for us down to 0%. Get your budget in order and don’t make the mistake of getting into Payday loan debt. If you do give us a call. We can help.

Are payday loan companies a new version of organized crime?

Are payday loan companies a new version of the mob? I’ll let you, the reader decide after digesting this post. If you follow this blog you know that 12 million Americans will take a payday loan this year. This is a fact. The question is how are they being asked to pay it back? In a perfect world you would pay your payday loan back according to all the terms including the time frame that was mutually agreed upon by you and the creditor. Unfortunately for the consumer, the enormous interest rate charged by these companies makes it almost impossible to repay the loan that you’ve taken the way it’s supposed to be paid back. What do you do when you don’t have the money to pay back your loan?

Most people call the creditor and try to make arrangements. There are still people that don’t call the creditor and try to dodge the debt. Unfortunately that’s not possible. We have been told by many borrowers that payday loan companies are like pit bulls when it comes to Payday Loan collection. That’s true of many companies in many industries. They want their money back. From what we’ve been told, there are parts of rural America where laws seem to mean nothing. On September 20th 1977, then President Jimmy Carter signed the fair debt collection act into law. This law was written to protect consumers from unscrupulous collectors. Unfortunately, All creditors do not abide by this Federal Law.

Sources tell us that there are many payday loan companies in rural America still knocking on people’s doors asking for money. That there are still people calling and threatening to put borrowers in jail for not paying their loans back on time… There are creditors in the payday loan business that are threatening to take benefits like Social Security from debtors, garnishing these Federal benefits and putting these people in dire Financial circumstances. People need to know what this law is and how it protects them

The bottom line is this. You can’t be threatened with many of the things that you are being threatened with. Click on the link above and read the law. Strong-armed mob techniques that went out of style in the 1950s and the 1960s cannot be brought back to collect on payday loans that are delinquent because of the exorbitant interest rates being charged. When you’re in this situation payday loan consolidation can help.

Take a moment and watch our videos. Most of your questions will be answered, and the answer will be in language you will understand. Visit our Question and Answer videos by clicking this link. In the mean time listed below is our Federated Financial Introduction video.

Payday Loan Consolidation Company - Federated Financial - Introduction to payday loan consolidation
Once you’re ready to eliminate your payday loans, Give us a call or fill out the form. More than likely we can fix the problem that you’re having. Payday loan consolidation absolutely works!

How to stay out of stupid debt and consequently eliminate the need for payday loans (part 1)

I’m going to start this article by saying that I’m no preacher. I’m just a guy who over the years has seen many people go deeply into debt. 20 to 25 years ago it was credit card debt. Today, more and more people are going the payday loan route. Invariably they end up deep in debt and end up consolidating those loans. You’ve heard it before. Let me be the last person you hear this from. Let’s do this as a did you know:

Did you know that an average pack of cigarettes in the United States today costs $6.28.A pack a day habit sets you back $188 per month or $2,292 per year. A two-pack-a-day habit would set you back $376 a month or $4,584 a year? Did you know that? I’m an ex-smoker, and I haven’t smoked in over 25 years.I’m grateful that I quit for my health, and that I quit because today, I couldn’t afford to smoke cigarettes. None of us can afford to smoke cigarettes. They’re too expensive and more importantly than that they make you sick. They’re absolutely a cause of cancer and heart disease which is definitely not good for you. Short-term, if you are a two-pack-a-day smoker you will pay $376 a month to smoke. Does that sound like an electric bill, a water bill and a car payment all rolled up into one? Where do people go to get the money to pay their bills when they’re wasting almost $400 a month on a deadly habit. Payday loan lenders prey on people who smoke. I don’t mean that literally, but when we waste money on non essentials we open ourselves up to payday debt and all other types of debt which eventually will require either a payday loan consolidation, a credit card consolidation or a bankruptcy.

Did you know that a large coffee in Starbucks can cost over $5. Add in a $5 piece of pound cake and that’s $8 a day x 7. That equals $56……times 4 and you’re paying $224 a month. Now let’s take a step back. If we’re paying $376 a month for cigarettes and $224 a month for our morning coffee what does that cost us? Rhetorical question because the answer is easy and as plain as day.$600 a month for absolutely nothing. I know that the store brand of coffee costs less than fifty cents per K-Cup and a can of whipped cream probably costs $4. I think you can see where I’m going with this. If you are a smoker and enjoy your coffee on the road every morning you have a $600 a month habit, or $7,200 a year. That’s a lot of money that pays a lot of bills. If we spend $7,200 a year on non essential and absolutely dangerous items we could find ourselves in debt.

In the beginning of this post I said I’m not a preacher.That’s the last thing that people who know me would accuse me of. What I am is somebody who’s done all the things that people do today to waste money. I took out loans back in the old days to pay my bills and I complained to the people that I worked for that they weren’t paying me enough and I couldn’t afford to live. I buried my credit cards and finally ended up with a debt consolidation company to get out of debt quickly, or at least more quickly that I could have done myself. It seems that today, the quick fix is payday loans. Payday loans are very dangerous too. With interest rate that top off at 700% APR, they can financially destroy you and your family. Many people with payday loan debt finally get smart and turn to Payday loan debt consolidation. Payday loan debt consolidation can reduce interest rates down to 0%. My belief is we get to a certain point in life where we have to rebuke the things that are not good for us and remove the poisons from our bodies and our financial lives. Take this seriously. I speak from experience.

How to stay out of stupid debt and consequently eliminate the need for payday loans (part 2)

In my last post I detailed a couple of the things that I’ve seen over the years take people down both physically and financially. These things are unnecessary and a total waste of money. Let’s go over a couple more things that cost you way too much and the first one is a necessity of life…

Did you know or should I say do you know what the manufacturer of your automobile recommends that you use when you gas up your car? I myself didn’t know the answer to that question until 2 years ago. I finally asked. I bought an SUV and it came with either a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine or a V6. I chose the V6. I also thought that because it is a V6 that I needed to put 93 octane gasoline in the car. Bigger engine better gas,? Right? I was wrong. The average prices for gas in Florida, the state that I live in is $2.36 for regular and $3.13 for high test. That’s a $0.77 per gallon difference. Doesn’t seem like much does it? If you drive 20000 miles a year it is. If you average 20 miles a gallon you are buying 1000 gallons of gas a year. That’s almost $800. More than you should be spending if you’re using the wrong gas. Now let’s take that back to my post from the other day. Let’s add that to the $7,200 that we came up with there. The total is now $8,000 a year that we’re totally wasting on things that are that are non essential, AND definitely essential too. But there’s more. Let’s go shopping!

Did you know that? Well I don’t have I did you know that answer right now but I do want to mention this one last thing that most people really don’t relate to but we all do it. We buy junk. Yes we walk into a grocery store and many times we buy junk. So we buy that 12 pack of Coke or maybe two. Perhaps we buy a case of beer. Chips and dips. Candy. Little boxes of fruit punch for the kids. Maybe we pick up The Enquirer at the checkout. This is math I can’t do for you because I don’t know how you shop. What I do know is these are the things that get you into debt. And once again we’re talking about non-essentials here. Not to be redundant but shopping like that along with little things like using the wrong gasoline for your car or going to Starbucks, or smoking costs a whole lot of cash. I will reiterate that if you have to borrow money to buy these items you probably need to reassess the things you buy. If these bad habits have gotten you into debt consider debt consolidation for your credit cards or payday loan debt consolidation for your payday loans. Either way you go, a good payday loan consolidation company can reduce your interest rates down to 0%. That’s whether you have payday loan debt or credit card debt. Payday loan consolidation and credit card consolidation are proven commodities and they work.

Big news about Federated Financial Payday Loan Consolidation Website!

For many years Federated Financial has used the internet as an educational tool for people who are in debt. In this particular instance we are talking about payday loan debt, how to consolidate that payday loan debt, and how to make it easier to pay off. We’ve always believed our website to be informative, well written and what I would call customer centric. Well, we’ve taken another step forward. We feature and will continue to feature our large frequently asked questions page but in addition we will now begin to provide to consumers who visit this site human answers to human questions.

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Our newly created vlog will answer questions that are asked the most. Real questions that are asked of us by real people. Questions like “Can I consolidate my payday debt?” Below is an example of the payday loan consolidation themed videos we will be releasing on a routine basis:

Can my Social Security be garnished by a payday loan company?

Payday Loan Consolidation Company - Federated Financial - Can Your Creditors Take You To Court
Can I Consolidate My Payday Loans?

Payday Loan Consolidation Company - Federated Financial - Can I Consolidate My Payday Loans
Get out of Debt!

Payday Loan Consolidation Company - Federated Financial - Get out of Debt
Can Payday Loan Companies Take My Money?

Payday Loan Consolidation - Federated Financial - Can Payday Loan Companies Take My Money
Questions like “Can I be put in jail for not paying my payday loan?”these are all relevant questions and really need more of a human spoken response then a written response. Like many things in life payday loan consolidation question answers, are all different dependent upon each individuals unique situation. I would strongly suggest you check our vlog regularly to you have your payday loan debt consolidation questions answered in a concise and understandable way. We’re here to help you and we’d like to consider ourselves a strong educational resource for the consumer who’s in debt.